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  1. 17 hours ago, droptop said:

    Totally agree.

    I was previously running Goodyear Eagle F1's and I was never that confident with it in the wet but with the PS4's it literally feels like a different car.

    just to be clear guys, are you referring to MPS4 or MPS4S in these posts? 

  2. I tried to get my Dahon P9 folding bike in the frunk. Doesn't work as the fold is slightly bigger than a Brompton. 

    Shame as love days out to the coast in the Boxster, and having a bike to explore the area would be ideal. 

  3. I use a full cover but with the following caveats. No issue with paint or roof. 


    only when freshly cleaned and dried. 

    car is kept polished and waxed. 

    remove cover when windy weather is likely

    longest it stays on is 2-3 weeks. 

    store the cover rolled up and dry (off the floor) 

    The blue indoor cover only used in the summer



  4. 4 hours ago, shiftspark said:

    Whilst we are on this I have checked the drain holes under the hood and on the rear ones the trombone cleaner comes right through to under the car but the top ones the trombone cleaner only goes a short way ? is this right ?

    They (top two rear drains) don't come all the way out the bottom due to the underside covers iirc, but you can hear them hitting the covers. 

    Another tip, for all boxster owners is to roll up a microfibre towel and leave it behind the passenger seat (if any water were to come down into cabin area). 

    It's also easy to check for any moisture. 

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  5. Lots on here (including me) went for the Pioneer sph-230dab. It works with IOS and Android phones. 

    Reason I chose this over other makes and models is the volume switch. My son has a Pioneer with touchscreen controls and find myself looking for the volume button. 

    Bluetooth, hands free, speech recognition via Siri or Google. It even reads out whatsapp messages and I can reply using my voice. 

    Sat Nav is via Google Maps or Waze - again faultless and upto date. 

    Brodit phone mount, as the screen mounts just obscured my view. A strong magnet attached to the mount and each phone has a bumper cover with a metal plate. 

    my work and personal android phones + wifes iphone all compatible. 

    It just works




  6. 11 hours ago, rowbos said:

    I've been on the motorway before with the roof down and the heavens have opened.  Not a lot you can do at 70mph. Other road users looking at me like I'm some kind of maniac.  Very little water coming into the car other than a few dribbles round the top of the windows.  

    Another time I was in traffic and it started hailing really heavily, too fast to put the roof up and nowhere to stop - the cockpit rapidly filled - I had to use a dustpan and brush to clear it all out when I got home 🤔

    Have encountered a rain shower on the motorway. My 911 chums were applauding the 20mph hard shoulder roof raise manoeuvre 

  7. 16 hours ago, Bravestarr said:


    This may be a controvercial point but the biggest advocates of .2 cars are of course .2 owners. It is in their interest to keep the pot boiling on this as otherwise they have all overpaid for their cars.

    The 3. 4 Dfi engine in the 2nd gen is vastly better than the one it replaced, and regarded as bomb proof with regular servicing. 

    Has my car just increased in value? 

  8. 5 minutes ago, iborguk said:

    Ctek for me (mxs 5.0) although maybe wishing I'd bought the 7 as it can act as a supply replacement when the battery is out of the car.

    Also like the optional cable which allows the device to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket and is thin enough that you can shut the door on it - no dirty hands...



    use the optional "comfort adapter" with mxs5.0

    mine comes out the drivers door to remind me (because moving off with it plugged in would be silly right) 🙈

  9. 2 hours ago, rowbos said:

    I try to dry them in the microwave periodically and every 6 months or so bake them in the oven to properly drive out any moisture.  

    when you say bake, do you mean with the oven actually ON, or use the residual heat after a spotted dick session? 

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  10. Replaced  Bosch batteries on son's Golf and Dad's Merc with Yuasa. They are good batteries and no issues. 

    GSF have 60% discount codes at the moment

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