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  1. well I wont be renewing with these guys. 3 mistakes on my renewal form, the obvious saga of taking 9 months to never rectify (fully) an accident that was non-fault, and a premium £80 higher than a quick quote i got last year....
  2. I'll be doing a full report on this exact comment if my car ever gets sorted.....
  3. about to find out with my non fault claim....
  4. top guide, mines snapped as well. Cheers
  5. My GT Silver 987 has a black bonnet underneath so i cant see how this works. I'm in the process of filling and wetsanding before mopping back all of the stone ciips on mine at the moment
  6. i did get a cheaper quote with a comparison website, but only by £70, and a company i'd never heard of. I made that mistake with bike insurance once upon a time, just going for the cheapest I could. The company wasnt interested to pursue a claim when i was hit by someone else. Never made that mistake since!
  7. Just insured my boxster with these guys, cheaper than most, and great customer service. Will definitely use again!
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