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  1. Been onto Admiral this afternoon. £336 for the Boxster and £297 for the BMW X3. on a multicar plan. Also received a very good quote for the house and contents.
  2. Boxster 2.7 2002 £430 sold a few months ago Churchill Ins. Boxster 2.0 718 £680 via yesterdays post Churchill Ins.. Phoned them up and they reduced the quote to £630. I know there is a big difference in the value of both cars but I think I shall have to make a few phone calls to see if I can save a few pounds.
  3. Hi,

    does the car have heated seats and cruise control.



  4. Ring the firm up and explain the particulars of your incident.I did this only last month when the company removed my protected max. no claims discount.They spoke to their underwriters and came round to my way of thinking.
  5. Renewed my insurance this morning.Went with MORE THAN,who insure my other car.£512 for wife and myself.Includes business,living in the Bromley area within the M25 area.Excess £750,58 yrs. old.N.C.D. for life.
  6. Try More Than,£560,Bromley area.I'm a lot older.Good luck.
  7. I phoned More Than last week.Received a price of £567(I,m twice your age).Got back to my company who offered to match it.I was able to beat them down abit by them reducing the excess to £500.Good luck.
  8. H.S.B.C>Bank.Underwritten by Corinthian Ins.Barking,Essex.Tel.020 8911 5000.
  9. Receved renewal last week,£1079.Spent 30mins. on the phone to 3 other firms.Cheapest was More Than at £564.Phoned my original firm and was informed that their new company policy is to match the cheapest quote.They didnt ask for any proof and in this mornings post was a certificte of insurance tostart in September.I,ve yet to send any money.This game is a real rip off.You have to spend some time on the phone to avoid this type of thing.
  10. Received renewal this week,£1076.Phoned a number of firms this morning,bestpprice was More Than (Sun Alliance) £564,excess a high£750.Direct Line £741,excess£500.Living in Bromley area,57yrs.Full NCB,clean licence.Worth spending a few minutes on the phone.
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