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  1. are you still here - how are ya?

  2. if you are a PCGB member... have a look through the monthly mag... loads of brokers advertise.
  3. I have a big box under my bed... I can't promise any interest... but at least you'll know your cash is safe....
  4. If you have max discount on 1st car "some" companies will match it... you'll have to do some ringing round.
  5. If the Third party insurer records the details on CUE (Claims Undewriting Exchange) then possibly your details could show if a future insurer of yours does a check. The last company I worked for checked at the start of your policy, others will only check if you report a claim as there is a cost involved.
  6. Your insurer would like to know straight away about points... but they shouldn't load your premium until renewal. however your duty of disclosure is at the renewal of a policy. They accepted the risk on the details you gave when you took out the policy. They only want you to inform them straight away so they can get the extra £££ when you come to renew... (you might forget)
  7. Insurers have millions of exapmles and the statistics show that if you have a non fault claim, you are twice as likely to make another claim in the next 12 months than someone who hasn't claimed... Hence the loading!
  8. No, I admit, I'm not a legal expert... I guess if the insurer decided to just pay out bog standard market value, then yes your argument would be with the broker... who has to be regulated by the FSA... so if worst came to the worst, you could take it up with them. BTW, I'm not trying to scare you, but I've dealt with "non disclosures" from an insurer point of view... Many much more serious than a few optional extras... Having to tell someone that their car that has just been stolen wasn't covered because they "forgot" to mention their points was quite satisfying!
  9. which it is, it it has been fitted after you bought the car... but you should get a discount rather than a loading for it.
  10. Sorry, but it's not the broker you'd have to argue with over £££ following a claim. The insurers, as I said, could turn round and say tough... we weren't aware. I'm not too sure about RSA as not had much to do with them... but if you called more than ( their direct arm) they wouldn't touch you with a barge pole.
  11. All insurers will class it differently... Regardless of what value you put on your insurance policy, they will only pay "market value"... so in the event of a claim, they tould turn round and say that they will only pay for the cost of a standard car as they were not aware of the modifications/optional extras. Best bet is to tell them and as Haggis has done get them to confirm something in writing. Haggis, I'm guessing the people you are using are brokers... do you know who underwrites the policy? It might be someone I've had dealings with and I can let you know their stance.
  12. Welcome back to the forum. Anything that doesn't come as standard is classed as a modification. So any optional extras should be disclosed.
  13. as said earlier, you can only use your NCD on one car at a time. Some companies will offer you a 2nd car discount as long as you and any other driver are claim and conviction free.
  14. I know a company that can supply the required software...
  15. Sounds about right. Commission rates can be anywhere from 7.5% to 30%, brokers make their money on the commission and fees.
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