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  1. Hi Richard I’m new to this forum and also a new Porsche Boxster owner ! I’m looking for someone to code my 987.2 for cruise control as your sort of near me can you recommend anyone ? I live near Romsey in Hampshire but work in Basingstoke.


    Adrian Fisher

  2. Hi Richard

    I am trying to set up a new rear controller on  a Boxter 987. The soft line starts with a code line and as all connections make the rear lights and the hood. All then goes to normal

    I am close to Abingdon tel 01235 200700. You are by Henley??


    rear control.jpg

  3. Hi Richard, hoping you might be able to suggest a solution here. I've got 987.1 with PCM2.1 and Bose amp. It's currently running (I think) 2004/2005 maps. Having read lots of stuff on this (most of the useful stuff from you), I understand I need to update firmware to Level C and then should be able to use 2015 maps? Fortunately Colin (Chanlon1) put out that he had both the Level C firmware disc and the 2015 map and was kind enough to forward to me. These appear to be OEM Porsche items as are all "logo'd up". So I followed guidance that you set out in a previous thread, but the firmware just quits approx 15% into the update. For info my current versions are: Amp 00017500/3504, PSM 05024CD1/3905. I've tried the firmware update with trickle charger attached and with car running but same result. Any ideas?

  4. It may do basic coding, but I'm pretty sure if won't do a handover routine. When a car randomly loses its settings due to a flat or disconnected battery, it doesn't change the coding itself. It usually puts the affected modules into transit (delivery) mode, and the handover routine wakes them up.
  5. The service interval and distance is stored in the instrument cluster. When you do a service reset, it sets the next service date and mileage automatically.
  6. I have a UK 2012 map. Drop me a PM with your email address and I'll send you the details. There is a 2015 map, but I don't have it.
  7. A used ECU won't work on its own. The DME (ECU) and Alarm Control Unit are both programmed with the immobiliser code, and if they don't match then the car won't start. You can change them as a set of DME, ACU, and Key(s) but it has its downsides. Unless you have the security codes from the donor set (impossible to get) you will never be able to code a new key. The proper way to do it is have a new DME fitted and programmed to the car. The trouble is, a genuine 5.2.2 DME is now so expensive (£5000+) it might well be more than the value of the car. I would suggest contacting someone li
  8. The only thing I would like to add to this excellent write-up is that I'm not 100% convinced that the data from the failed unit has to be copied to the replacement. When I was doing the reset at the end of the process, I looked at the coding options, and there were options to change model/isofix etc., and it appears these could be changed. I don't blame Tony for adopting a 'belt & braces' approach, and doing it that way ensured success. However, there is a nagging feeling that I wish I had been there when Tony & Ian took the failed unit out, and could have tried just changing the
  9. Seems like you have had it done, but you have to lock the cams and crank before removing the tensioner, otherwise there is a danger of jumping a tooth on the cam chain.
  10. Sorry to hear this Patt. Hope things work out for you without parting with the car.
  11. I think it could go anywhere in the MOST loop, but you would definitely need the PCM coding to add a CDC.
  12. Hi Richard

    I hope you do not mind me contacting you.

    I used the search function and you kindly supplied a member sometime ago with a radio code.


    I have a 99 2.5 Boxster and I had to disconnect the battery. The radio is now asking me to enter the code that I do not have.

    Do I need to remove the stereo completely to get the serial number from the side of the  unit in order to get the code?

    Can it not be sourced from VIN or reg number?


    Many thanks



  13. Hi ho. Looks like you cut 'n pasted my post on Renntech. The instrument cluster plugs are marked with tiny numbers at each end of the plug. Use VW repair wires, which have terminals fitted to each end, and insert them in the appropriate hole in the plug. I have a DIY for the complete job. If you PM me with your email address, I'll send it to you when I get to my PC tomorrow.
  14. Well done Chris. Looks great (and so does the Boxster)!
  15. On a 2001 996, the wire colours are: Instrument Cluster blue plug Pin 9 Green/Red to Oil PS "G" Instrument Cluster white plug Pin 6 Green/White to Oil PS "WK"
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