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Found 3 results

  1. My video guide on how to rebuild brake calipers. Here are the Tools and Parts you’ll need Socket set Breaker bar Flare spanners Clamps Old brake hose Assorted bolts Large screwdriver Clamp Dental pick Thread lock Brake fluid And caliper rebuild kit 1. First lift the car, remove the wheels and remove the brake pads. My three guides from Series 1 can be found here and step you through each of these items. Click the screen or Suggested card l
  2. Spent the weekend rebuilding the braking system and swapped out the master cylinder and booster. Step by step video is here: https://youtu.be/LsVANgHiR84 Here’s a summary of what we’ll be doing Remove plastic bits Move horn Remove reservoir Disconnect brake lines Remove master cylinder Disconnect brake pedal linkage Remove brake booster Fit new booster and master cylinder Bleed the brakes and clutch Tools and parts needed · Knife · Scissors · Socket se
  3. Brake pad change Was checking my brake pads the other day so thought I’d make a video how to guide for changing your pads yourself. You may think that working on brakes yourself is too dangerous in case you get it wrong and have a crash. Well, obviously don't attempt anything you're not confident on but here's a video that shows you how how simple it is and could save you a few hundred pounds at the dealers. Let me know your thoughts! https://youtu.be/fyNn_C63eMc I’ve a 2001 986 Boxster S but this guide should be the same for the 987,996 & 997 as they all share
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