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23 yrs old but pretty cheap insurance

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Hi all.

First post, I'm picking up a boxster 987 S next week and have been trawling through insurance quotes and was a little scared to look at the results but was pretty surprised.

23 yrs old 1 yr no claims (no claims was a named driver) 2008 987S @ £21k = £1100

To me that seems ridiculously cheap but I'm not complaining. This price is only with elephant,bell,admiral all part of the same group.

However when I was running quotes for 987 3.2 I couldnt get anything less than £1500 anyone know why this is seeing that they are cheaper /slower cars?


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I'd say thats good as my son, 19, with 1 year no claims is paying more than that on a bog standard Punto, with Admiral. :crying_anim:

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If Elephant and Admiral are part of the same group why did Elephant refuse to insure me on my box and I had to switch to admiral a week early. Making me loose a years NCB.


you answered your own question. you loose a years no claims! admiral are feking front bottoms

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