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  1. Sadly not! She received a text message from him this morning simply saying did she get his message which we didn't so I'm not sure what his stance is right now but he's obviously going to pursue it. I'll have to ring him over the weekend and sort it out one way or another. She did give him our home address but didn't take his unfortunately. I've had a rough estimate from an Audi dealership which is a ridiculous price but it's obviously worse case. If he won't negotiate and I end up giving him the whole lot then so be it, life's too short to dick about with these kind of people and the Mrs can start sleeping again. In the words of Percy from Black Adder - "A piffling 600, pay the man Edmond and damn his impudence"
  2. I take you're point, I really do, which is why I don't want to start reporting all this to the police. I think their behaviour was disgraceful, there are ways to deal with this kind of thing and bully boy scare mongering isn't it! I don't know who was at fault, I wasn't there, and maybe she should have stopped so I'm happy to pay half their cost as long as it's not some trumped up ludicrous cost. I'm struggling to forgive how terrified they made her feel but I will not be unreasonable if he's not now he's had time to calm down. What I do know is that a while ago a fella caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to my car and didn't behave like that, there is no excuse for it. She did get his reg, phone number and first name but that was it as she was so stressed. She's just explained a bit more that I misunderstood. Apparently she wasn't stationary at lights, she'd just driven round the roadworks and he shot round them and her, pulled in front and stopped causing her to do an emergency stop to avoid t-boning him - unbelievable!
  3. I'm willing to give him half towards it, as you say purely for her peace of mind and as long as he doesn't take the p**s with a ridiculous quote. Our mirror on the Volvo isn't really worth bothering with, the indicator lens part built into it is cracked and that's about it, all motors work fine and the glass is all intact.
  4. No, no dashcams or witnesses. I am very tempted to tell him where to get off but he sounded like a nasty piece of work so I'm willing to be the bigger man and offer 50/50 as long as it's reasonable even if it's just to let my better half sleep soundly.
  5. My good lady has had an altercation with another driver on the way home tonight, what should the best course of action be? Here's what happened: She was driving on a narrow back road when an oncoming car, apparently driving very quickly, (2009 Audi A4 TDi) clipped mirrors. She didn't stop as there wasn't anywhere particularly safe to do so and as her mirror glass hadn't even broken she didn't think it was necessary. A few miles down the road while stopped at the front of the queue at a set of lights the Audi shot down the line of traffic, screeched to a halt in front of her car and 2 fellas jumped out and started shouting at her that she'd smashed his mirror and what was she going to do about it. She was absolutely terrified, is still in shock and tears now, and in her panic just asked how fast he was going which he would not answer. Anyway they swapped phone numbers and he said he would be in touch. He has apparently rung this evening before I got home but she was too frightened to answer it and he hasn't left a message yet. From what she's said there can be no way to apportion blame so the insurance company will simply go 50/50 and everyone will loose out except the insurance company - is that fair to say?? My thoughts are to get an estimate from a local garage to replace an Audi A4 mirror, then call this fella and at the best tell him to get a quote and if it's close to the one I've got, offer to pay half. If he gets a**ey about it I'll suggest we each go through insurance and let them sort it out. I've also suggested my good lady calls her insurance company and tell them about it and that we don't intend to claim in the morning just as a butt cover in case he's already called his. Is that a sensible thing to do or should we just leave it and see how he wants to proceed? It really grieves me to pay half for this kind of thing but my good lady is in bits and worried sick about what will happen so I just want to get the situation sorted ASAP but I'm not willing to get ripped off to any great level!!
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