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  1. That was the issue - now sorted! Well
  2. Think I might have tracked down the answer - the Connect2 loom has an amp switch cable which needs connecting to a switch cable on the head unit wiring (the pioneer wiring isn’t very clear, but is has a loose spur cable connected to the antenna power cable) - will try in the morning, but makes sense
  3. Apologies for dredging an old thread but looking for some guidance on fitting a new pioneer SPH DA130,DAB head unit to a Bose system. I have the Connects2 ‘plug and play’ wiring harness with the Bose adaptor but I can’t get sound out of it! The wiring diagrams on both the pioneer and connects 2 are a bit sketchy but most of the plugs can only go in one place. I think issue is that the Bose amp isn’t be getting power (or at least not being switched on) - the fibre optic isn’t showing light when the head unit Is on - that said, the wiring diagram aren’t showing a separate switch wire
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