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  1. I pay my card (issued by one bank) from my current account (at another bank) using bill payments that the latter set up so I can use any of their ATMs. If you get printed bills they should include the account information.
  2. I seem to recall that Loctons and AiB will quote for any multiple of 1000 limited miles in a year.
  3. Porsche Club insurance is now Loctons. I was with Aviva for a few years before switching to AiB with whom I renewed again just before the insurance premium tax rise - which was nice! I did get a quote from Loctons, which was very close and included my Class 1 business cover (photographer), limited mileage allowance of I think 7k and agreed value of £12k (although whether you'd actually get that in not sure). The windscreen cover I think is an important factor - have heard lots of complaints from folk having had a third party screen fitted only to find one or more of PCM, radio or mobile aerials not working. Or worse still, it simply not fitting properly and leaking!
  4. It sure is - even more expensive than when I did mine back in 2011. You can easily get a pair of the Alpines for £40 through eBay and instead of buying the mounting rings, you can butcher the old speakers to make them.
  5. The originals seem to be a mix of makes: mine were Haes but some have been marked Nokia. And yes - they're all sh1t!
  6. The reason for the choice of Alpines as replacement drivers was they were supplied in a kit tothethercwith fitting rings by a company on the south coast. I bought the same drivers slightly cheaper through eBay because I was confident they would fit. I think they're very good quality and make an excellent replacement.
  7. Check though that these might have to be Porsche Club events,
  8. DOT 4 or 5.1 fully synthetic - not DOT 5! From experience, the Porsche stuff is a bit cr*p - recommend Motul RBF660, or if you're feeling particularly flush (saw what I did there?) Castrol SRF React. http://www.opieoils.co.uk/c-450-brake-fluid-clutch-fluid.aspx Chris.
  9. And if you do, you're supposed to replace them - and use a torque wrench to do them up.
  10. Some say that you should replace the piston calliper seals at 50k miles.
  11. Its nuts isn't it? If you've got a flash car and a garage you're going to want to hide it away. Just a blatant excuse to charge more. Its a policy that actually indirectly encourages car crime.
  12. Anyone actually *claimed* from Admiral? Could be a reason they're so cheap...
  13. This tosh about the NCD only applying to one car is b*ll*cks. Is it the car that hasn't made a claim or is it the driver? More unjustified and inexplicable b*ll*cks from the insurance companies.
  14. Without permission? Ha - this is Government "big data" - the idea that every single piece of information ever gathered about you (including your medical history) should be made available for commercial gain.
  15. I've heard the same about Manning no longer covering track days in Europe.
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