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  1. have you got the legal option on the household insurance? usually whilst via the main insurer the cover is provided by a separate underwriter, maybe they can 'independently' advise? (or maybe not due to the link) I'd expect you not to be in a bettered position but the way you describe it doesn't really seem reasonable....complain as necessary (they will have a formal procedure in place with set timescales generally max 8wks, but to try to resolve in 4wks) then https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/ A complaint to the FOS will cost them a handling fee so whilst that's nowhere n
  2. Full of stollen, turkey curry, beer and now onto the rum

    (back atya @rowbos)

  3. fund managers would get paid on performance wouldn't they?
  4. The industry is so much more heavily regulated now, most of the cowboys are gone...and obviously the favour of endowment mortgages gone near 20 years ago ...still, some interesting financial products still exist...good old 'help for the masses'/first time buyer Help to Buy shared equity being one of them...have the powers that be thought about how many people will get to the end of their mortgage term, be on the verge of retirement and not realsitically be able to buy out of the 20% equity loan for instance? Or when they do look to buy out of it, the interest rates are sufficiently higher
  5. the rest of us missed it, pity we could have spammed them back..
  6. Just to clarify... do you mean the 3yrs warranty on a new VW no longer includes 3 yrs breakdown (as it used to), now it's only 1? and to add to that there are changes on your car insurance relating to EU travel I had my car insurance through Porsche/Aviva/Marsh renewal through in July and when I read it, it implied foreign breakdown was included. When I questioned it I was told (by the team manager) that it was no longer included BUT I said 'it specifically states it in the policy booklet you've sent me so either a) I want the correct up to date document or b) I expect to be cov
  7. good video Daz, like it as it is TBH
  8. I tried to use one of these (bottom left in picture which is longer than it looks) but as you know the drain holes are hard to find and access...my issues were resolved by the Indie blowing air down the hole I think...others have used similar bladder/trombone cleaners to help clear although I'm not sure whats down the bottom end... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B075NC1FNX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. did you not poke a trombone cleaner down it?
  10. posted on my own website as a permanent link but also below in the hope it helps someone http://stuart-brown.photography/ashtrayfix 13th November 2019 This page shows the removal, and fix, of my 981 Boxster ashtray which Steve aka @Ringer250 on BoXa.net, helped me with today. For a couple of months the ashtray hasn’t worked properly…well as ashtrays go it’s working in that you could easily flick your fag ash into it (or keep oddments or loose change in it like I do!) but the flap had stopped clasping shut. It has theref
  11. how to take off a 981 door card permalink on my website but also posted here in the hope it helps someone else http://stuart-brown.photography/doorcardrattle 3th November 2019 I have had a rattle coming from my passenger door for a little while, its not noticeable on normal roads but when driving especially rough, or bumpy roads, it can be heard occasionally. As a result Steve (@Ringer250 on BoXa.net) and I decided to partly take apart the door, removing the outer door card to see if anything was loose within.
  12. you've helped the forum to do the same (make up their mind) so your financial pain has probably cost them (Lancaster) more than the £159 they've screwed from you....
  13. don't forget the use of the the Financial Ombudsman if you need them, the threat alone may change their view as any complaints (justified or not) any one organisation has that are dealt with by the FOS that exceed 35 in a year costs the company £500 I believe (hence cheaper to stand down and apologise to you than stand up and front you out maybe) in other words they pay the FOS to investigate a case against them!
  14. As an interested flake of information for people using comparrison sites..it's not uncommon for these to be actually owned by an insurance company themselves eg Admiral Group own Confused.com Admiral Group operates under a number of brands in the United Kingdom: Admiral Insurance 'Bell' from Admiral (exclusively telematics policies, previously Bell Insurance) Confused.com Diamond Insurance Elephant Gladiator (for commercial vehicles)
  15. Aviva will be behind multiple other companies (lot's of re branding on the market) so it's not as simple as saying 'Aviva dont put prices up' it's just the route you've gone to through them...presumably directly? My Porsche Insurance is Aviva via Marsh and similarly its not risen too much over the last 10 years, however the wife's previous 'Quote Me Happy' (which was also a direct Aviva policy) went up year 1 to year 2 steeply IIRC
  16. search and the answer is there for you;) https://www.rally24.com/make/Renault-rally-cars-for-sale/
  17. he has a point...what car is not suitable for commuting?
  18. Black is terrible for showing up chips....when I got rid of my Basalt 987 the bonnet looked like the opening credits to Star Wars! ....so I went googling for the screen grab and after 20 mins stumbled across this! I'm sure @John K will find it amusing..
  19. self abuse? thought you were better than that Steve...
  20. @rowbos left the door open there with the nice clear crisp photo we could market these along with the 'posh pr*cks' .... I think I could have my first sale with @rowbos wife
  21. I sorted the custard for you...and olives...really...they're tooth picks....seem you need them too (th)
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