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  1. Picked up the part a couple of weeks ago but it's still sat in my workshop waiting for me to find the time to fit it. 🙄
  2. @Araf What is it about this thread that attracts to*sers (I know I started it🤣)
  3. Thanks to @½cwt for this. I have ordered one from our local VW dealer £37 or so, be with them Friday.
  4. Yes it really is a piece of p. I had to remove mine when the passenger window switch failed. I bought a new one on eBay from Lithuania (I figured that it couldn't be worth counterfeiting such a small and relatively intricate part). The new part was identical in every way except from the Porsche sticker with the part number and I figured that it came out of the same factory, perhaps on the night shift. The original switch had 'made in Lithuania on it'.
  5. So this was the donor deflector Simply prise apart This is what you now have Lift away the mesh and use the frame as a template Use a fine toothed jigsaw to cut the 2mm Perspex And you should have this Check the fit Press the two halves of the frame together and you will have this And this is it fitted
  6. Hi Jimmy. Photobucket now charge for 3rd party hosting and so all the links no longer work. I will fish out the images and host them on a better site and then post the links here.
  7. Yes I noticed that immediately I fitted my Perspex one but as Stuart says the brain seems to filter it out pretty quickly.
  8. BTW I don't think you need a vent in the bottom. I didn't get chance to check Dan's one when we got together a couple of weeks ago but I suspect that the gap is something to do with it being glass. The Perspex one from the States doesn't have a gap and if you put your hand in front of it at speed the wind pressure is pretty low.
  9. The mod is really easy to do and it will only cost you about £6 in Perspex.
  10. Do you have the prep kit for the mesh deflector fitted?
  11. It ok Dan, it was before your time here.
  12. You got me thinking there is DJ an MC? It's the same in terms of buffeting and visibility it just has the framing that links the roll hoops in a slightly more integrated way.
  13. Thanks Stuart, I was pleased with the result. Now do I sell my Technowind?
  14. Angus, The Perspex was much easier to get the shape right as its not as detailed as the one you made. Also the edges are completely hidden so I didn't have to be too fussy.
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