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  1. Besides the above I've seen several positive comments on BoXa over the years about these guys.
  2. Not due to the condition. Key difference. The whole house is old, do they offer 50% for that? Claims Management job is to pay out as little as possible. They are trying it on.
  3. OK so it really is the postcode not the car. How long have you been there - not long enough to know this? Or did you go through a Sensible Car patch for family reasons and now got a shock?
  4. Have you tried asking the same companies to quote you for your old MR2 turbo? It would at least indicate if it is or is not the car that is the problem.
  5. Oh thanks for the reminder. As commented on by others above, yes my number plate bulbs blew eventually, most likely as they have a massive heat sink in a very small space. I don't know when but my indie told me he replaced them. So I guess I have normal ones in there now. I think it's easier to buy all in one replacement units with the proper LEDs built in, than trying to find more "LED bulbs" with Canbus friendly resistors. I might do that next year... or later...
  6. Not a good metaphor. I think fund manager is the profile I'm imagining.
  7. Was heavily pressured into starting a private pension in the mid-90s (weren't we all), and paid in perhaps 10k over 2 years then gave up. Looked at it 5-10 years later, yes it was going well down. Whoever I started it with has been taken over and taken over. Stuart may or may not want to answer this (or maybe I said it 5 years ago and he answered it then!) but I'd be far more interested in paying for a service where the adviser gets 5% of the profit (and loses 5%, if it goes down), rather than those where the adviser gets a cash payment from the fund for recommending people to buy it, and then loses interest/motivation for the result, as is apparently often what happens. Perhaps I misunderstood. All rather theoretical as I've always been risk averse when it comes to money. We had that, but I think the idea is that the new pension will be a lot more generous than the old one. I think...
  8. Didn’t know you were married to Cheddar Bob.
  9. It's an optional extra and I think not often specced. Some have had thoughts like you and paid to retrofit it. There used to be a magic underseat bar / seat buckle combo, then somewhere around 2006/7 it changed to a weight sensor in the seat for auto on/off. I don't know when was the changeover. Someone just paid for it here a few months ago ISTR. Controversial statement - I think no law says you have to deactivate the seatbelt for a front facing child seat, only for a rear facing one. Put the seat all the way back, to minimise airbag reach, and off you go.
  10. According to Richard Hamilton on 3 May, it (probably) won't do a handover, which I think is what you need. Happy to be corrected.
  11. Brilliant ...and if anybody quotes that post entirely, I hope they get banned....!
  12. I think 2.0 is nearly past useful update, but await Richards comment.
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