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  1. I'm quite surprised by some of these responses, I'm really surprised that people haven't got pensions or aren't paying into a pension. If you're a higher rate tax payer, it's literally the best investment you can make. The government gives you 40% back immediately on any contribution, nowhere in any investment can you get that sort of return over 5 years let alone on day one. So even if you just keep the pension in cash funds you getting an immediate return. If you invest in stocks you can get a better return. My current private pension has been running for 15 years and is an accumulation of other private and work related pensions. My actual contributions make up 64% of it's total current value. Of those contributions, the government has contributed 40%. The net result of that (if you do that maths) is that the total fund value that has come out of my pocket is 38% and the remaining 62% has been handed to me as tax relief or has been investment return. So to create a 100k pension fund over 15 years I'd have had to contribute 38k or ~ £211 per month net over that time if you flat line it (not wholly realistic but a decent approximation).
  2. Doesn't sound like you've done a lot of pension planning. This article might put the figures you need to retire comfortably onto perspective: https://moneytothemasses.com/saving-for-your-future/pensions/how-much-income-could-i-get-from-a-100000-pension-pot And this one if you can read it : https://www.ft.com/content/a5a6532e-f731-11e9-bbe1-4db3476c5ff0
  3. Yes, same. I switched from a classic policy some years back to a regular policy now on a multicar with admiral. Boxster costs the least of the my three cars to insure by quite some way (about 30% of the cost of the next most expensive) and no restrictions on it other than I think 5k miles.
  4. Lift the gaiter by unclipping it and then give the knob a good sharp tug upwards.
  5. It's been a while since you've lived in the UK right? I can cite many incidents of much more serious cases round me that the police has decided doesn't warrant any of their time due to limited resources. Including a recent case 100 yds from me where 75 yo lady who was knocked off her bike and killed by a local farmer driving an off-road quadbike on the road without any tax, insurance etc.
  6. Putting all of the peripheral concerns to one side for a moment, look at the circumstances of the accident. - Narrow road, limited space for two cars to pass. - Mirror to mirror clash whilst passing. - Neither car was presumably over any central white line (because there wasn't one) - No independent witnesses Given all of the facts, any insurance company would record it as knock-for-knock. Personally, I would explain that to the chap, state their is similar damage to your car and suggest that you both accept responsibility for your own repairs. Explain that the alternative is to take it to the insurers who will do exactly the same but additionally raise both your premiums AND given the excess you'll still need to pay for the majority of the repair anyway. Any right-minded person will see that there is no point persuing it in reality. A lot of your decision making seems to be based on their behaviour in the heat of the moment. I would suggest you try and put that to one side and deal with the problem directly. If, after some days to reflect, they are still choosing to be unreasonable then you know the type of person you're dealing with. Until then, don't assume they are actually that unreasonable. I had a similar knock-for-knock situation recently, well actually someone hit my car it was entirely their fault but the damage was so slight I just didn't consider it worthwhile to chase them for it, paid it myself and put it down to running costs.
  7. What they said. Mesh behind looks better anyway and it's really not a lot of effort and it's cheaper. What's not to like.
  8. Yes I would be expect it to be covered. I had a bump on a private road that I lived on some years back and it was picked up and dealt with by insurance without questioning. That said and in line with the others I would have a word to see if she can be persuaded to drive on the conventional side of the road and if all else fails a cheap dashcam will help to prove liability.
  9. Don't let that stop you at least it was on topic which is more than can be said for most of the drivel on here.
  10. Some places will do ncd mirroring for you. The principal being I guess you can't driver two cars at the same time. Admiral mirrored my ncd when I moved the boxster to a multi car policy with them.
  11. Classic policies typically don't accrue ncb. One reason I took my boxster off the classic policy.
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