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  1. I remember reading a rumor somewhere that all seats had the heating parts fitted, but only had the wiring added if you spec'd it, I guess this proves that untrue!
  2. What are the roll bars you have on your 986 mate? Loverly!

    p.s. how did you take that photo?!

  3. Anyone know of a set of alloys with a decent amount of dish?...

    1. r1flyguy


      Why would you want dishes in your alloys

  4. Dan I just listed my AVIC at starting price £250 if you fancy a punt.....its item number 170452596302 on flea bay........

  5. Your right I just looked at ebay..........so how about £400

  6. Dan not sure if I used the message board correct but I sent you private mail to gmail account...............no worries, no pressure.....

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