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  1. trev, Their business models are like that, they gain more from chancing it on a hefty renewal in the hope that someone just does it without thinking. I also think but cannot say for sure because Im not an actuary, that they are better off seeking new customers or returning after a year or two customers because they can get a better idea if their up to date risk profile as opposed to just renewing. Just thoughts but the industry has adapted now and repeat business means nothing to them so treat it as such. Loyalty is bullshyate.
  2. see if you can get them on advanced driver courses as well, it all helps in lowering the premium and at that age it might even possibly sink in a little and save their lives.
  3. theres this driver monitor thing with some of the companies where they install it into the car and it measures G forces etc. After a couple of months of good behaviour the premium comes down. Just a thought and worth investigating. Totally agree it is ridiculous how much they are charging we are going to end up with a generation of +30 year old first time drivers and it only bumps the experience problem down the road a bit. There might be something on IAM for young drivers - try IAM Surety - if your a member. Im a member but did my test and shot through - aint interested in hanging around peo
  4. dude they are discriminating against my wife, so I love them
  5. Thought Id do the shop around for insurance and gave Adrian Flux a call. They were polite but they couldnt get even close to other normal company quotes and their stated reason was because my wife is a serving member of the Air Force. To that I say fek you Adrian Flux you miserable front bottom of a person. The Armed Forces are why your able to operate in the English language and arent a member of the 1000 year reich.... very dissapointing... but then honestly I dont care that much there are other companies out there. Defence members, give Adrian Flux a miss they are clearly a bunch of front
  6. just wanted to say thanks for the technical DIY's. have successfully fitted DRL's and took your guide for front grill mesh and modified to suit my own goals. cheers

  7. treat them like telemarketers, the best way is to simply tell them to hold the line whilst you get a pen because what they are telling you is important to you and like to write things down......... then just leave the phone off the hook with that feker hanging on the line........ you achieve three things. 1. you tie that asshole up for about 10 minutes where he cant bother the next victim 2. you slowly erode their will to continue the chase 3. you most likely get struck off their list when they call back and you do exactly the same thing again Ive had indian telemarketers experience that and c
  8. I went the opposite direction but then I believe in communal stream theory. I wouldnt claim unless I was proper injured, a sore neck for a few days isnt proper injured. All these ambulance chasers and those who take them up for minor claims do is raise the cost of insurance which is passed onto us the consumers
  9. name and shame - and go after him... name and shame wont hurt him theres always another sucker walking in the door
  10. still register the complaint with trading standards and ask them to investigate it and get back to you with their findings. this will create a drama for those pr*cks who seem happy to have gotten away with it - especially the mongrel who offered you trade price - that guy needs to go down hard
  11. adding to what eddyH has said, also go hardball on the pr*cks and tell them that since you dont now legally own the car, any issue in relation to it being stolen, damaged or otherwise reduced in capacity is now their problem since they are the owner and therefore the insurance and registration is immediately canceled... and since its on a public road your calling the cops to have the feking thing towed away... they can then deal with the charges for storage etc... that will get them listening I assure you its not legally your car, its theirs - so go hard core on them and then add on the cost o
  12. you said you were intending on paying it all out within 18 months of initial purchase. perhaps exercising some restraint now and saving your cash to buy the car you want outright in 12 months time is a better option? Car value goes down, bank account goes up. Gives you a lot more time to hunt down a bargain and the 'right car for you'. In the very least if you must go with porsche finance, every month you delay in looking for the right car increases your financial position and therefore your credit and bargaining power. the cheapest way to own a car is outright with cash, financing options a
  13. unfortunately the DVLA have wised up to that one, they send the old australian licence back to vicroads... clever buggers
  14. you have to renew every 10 years in oz, getting a UK licence is great - cheap as chips. I just found it really offensive that clearly I had a full licence before, clearly I have a full licence now... yet they are declaring me a new driver. Theres no change in the risk profile its all about the stupid tart behind the computer trying to put one over me.
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