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  1. Another happy customer! Spoke with Steve this morning having a double problem with my insurance. 1. I had a problem where I was being told I had a claim on the CUE database (central insurance database) dating back to 2010. I had no knowledge of this and it seemed to be affecting some of the quotes I was obtaining. 2. Because I'd had the Boxster on limited mileage, I had been unable to use the 8-year no claims bonus I'd accrued a few years back. As a result, most companies wouldn't recognise it as it was 2.5 years old now ... So before this phone call, quotes were coming in around £800ish
  2. In the garage (lots)

  3. In the garage (lots)

  4. Made a donation to the site. Was it not enough for VIP ;) ?

  5. IMS ... A thing of the past.

    1. T24RES


      well done you, was a right riveting read.

  6. I'm about to reinsure my 986 S with Aviva. I'm 39, driving since 1990 no accidents, clean license. They came in at £550 - cheaper than anyone on comparison sites. This is with 20,000 miles p/a including business use. The clincher was that one of their standard repair centres, is a local Porsche approved repair centre.
  7. Bit harsh Glyn - your giving cynical a new name! I spoke to A-Plan a few weeks back, and whilst I decided not to proceed their service was prompt, polite and very professional. Rather than give a site sponsor a hard time, without any knowledge of their business offerings - best to let others form their own opinion eh?
  8. Clutch gone at 101k

  9. Sunny day,Boxster running well. Where are my shades?

    1. teknow


      380 Miles with the roof down today.

  10. furry feckers. klondike epics. Lancia Delta Integrale and the fly on my monitor.

  11. Everything is always on my mind ...

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