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  1. Yup, and whilst I can understand there may be some logic to this general theory from a pure statistics standpoint, they apply it with no reason or logic at all! Case in point - I received quite a high quote and when I questioned it I was told it was due to my profession as a pilot. The company "assumes I will leave the car in airport car parks unattended for long periods of time".... I pointed out that the policy was social, domestic and pleasure only... not commuting. Answer? "Sorry, that's just the way it is"! Insurance companies are absolute dogs who will do everything they can to wring eve
  2. Hi guys, Well as requested here's a how-to of sorts for those of you that want both your rear fog lights to work (986 '00 Boxster S).... I'm sure there are other ways of doing it, this is just how I did it and I am by no means the first - just haven't seen a how to for it! There is a slightly easier option, but this way was the neatest I could figure out so I went with it. Normal sort of disclaimers, I am not responsible if your car explodes yada yada yada... Required: - Small Length of electrical wire - Electrical tape - Sharp craft knife/wire stripper - Solder and Soldering Iron - Bulb if y
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