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  1. Dont bother panicing in the future I once went 3 months without tax before I noticed, didnt get a letter or get stopped once.
  2. I ended up re-jigging my NCB.. I used my full NCB on the Boxster and my couple of years I had from my second car on my Megane.. Saved a pretty penny in the end as no one would properly mirror my NCB!
  3. Wait until you have to claim from Flux either as a policy holder or a 3rd party
  4. I've tried Brentacre and they want £750.. Admiral's quote takes the p*ss! Just waiting for A -Plan to get back to me, I keep missing their call.
  5. I would touch Adrian F**ks with a barge pole, deceptive little buggers they are. I might try a multi-car quote but I've only just insured my other car
  6. Problem is none of those let you specify its a 'second car' and you want to 'mirror' your NCB
  7. I dont really know much about the Boxster I've bought lol! I just liked the look of it and it was a mechanically sound car Its got a boot spoiler and the boot says "Aero" something or another on the under side of it.. And I'm assuming the wheels and big yellow brakes arent standard? Problem with people like admiral is they wont mirror the NCB, they will do multi-car but they never seem to be competitve
  8. I've had big powerful saloons and Imprezas for years and I fancied something a bit smaller and the Boxster seemed to tick all the boxes so I bought this: But now I have a problem! My current insurer won't touch Porsches even though they cover my Group 21 ZT260 for less than £500 and mirror my NCB bonus. I got a requote from my broker with a different insurer and they wanted £1,100 which is ridiculous! I did some online quotes using my full NCB and I £450 was the cheapest but I dont want to have to use my NCB.. Are there any Porsche specialist insurers out there who will mirror NCB on limited
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