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  1. ^^^ What he said With a £500 excess vs the repair cost it would be lunacy to claim. As you have discovered although your NCD is protected your premium would increase as the discount % would be the same but off a higher premium.
  2. Girlfriend has had her £25 refund now
  3. Still no refund for the GF yet. I get there are various breakdown deals out there, but for £130 she gets everything from Home start, road side, onward travel for car and passengers to any UK destination if it cant be fixed etc etc. Given the fact that she works very unsocial hours and is often travelling as a lone female at said hours, I do not think £130 is bad to pay for all that for a year... as said though, its always pitched as a new members / introductory offer and it just annoys me that every year you have to phone up and have the fight to get it for what you paid the year before. Still, should be an interesting convo this year given she is a Nurse and they are currently coming out to NHS staff for free (on the way to or from work) regardless of if they are a member or not. Oh also, you do get some other good things as part of being a member... 10% off everything you buy at Halfords all year round, 20% off various restaurants etc etc.. I definitely get my £130 back in member discounts elsewhere each year.
  4. Still nothing in the girlfriends account from Admiral... as an aside, her AA renewal has come through and as usual they are trying to bump it from the £130 (first year discount) up to £260ish... on their website at the moment they are quoting free call out for NHS staff on their way to or from work at the moment, so it will be interesting to see how hard they try to fight it when she rings and says she will only renew if its the £130 promo price they offer to new customers... (usual annual renewal fight!)
  5. Checked with the girlfriend and she hasnt even had an email confirming that she is getting the refund. She is on night shift so if shes awake enough tomorrow I said she should ring them and see if she qualifies and if so when is she getting the money
  6. Ok, So the original info about the excess waiver was on a text she got the other day with a link to a specific page. Other people got the £25 text but she didnt.... She has received an email today saying "all of our customers will get the £25" so we will see. I will update when clarified.
  7. Yes but NHS workers are still frequently using their vehicles so don’t get the refund. There’s a whole special section on their website explaining it.. sucks if you ask me!
  8. My girlfriend is an A&E Nurse with the NHS and has her car insurance with Admiral... she does not get the £25 refund, but they thanked her for her service and said in the event she has an at fault crash, they will waive her excess instead.
  9. You should build separate no claims bonus, so I have 14 years on my Porsche but when I insured the 107 it was a new policy so zero no claims but when that renews it would have 1 year. same with bikes, separate no claims to your car but if you have a claim on your bike you have to declare it on all policies. Great huh
  10. Big thread already running on these
  11. Ive got a spare one mate, ping me your address and its yours
  12. Well I got them today and I'm not going to fit them. The surround to the unit is chrome and I don't think it will look right with the black. Jonathan is happy to take them back unless one of you wants them for the £280
  13. Just done the diode as per the first post, took literally 5 mins. Have ordered a set of the front DRL's from Jonathan, will post pics when fitted
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