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  1. On 5/26/2021 at 9:35 AM, Spyderman 718 said:

    Just two on Autotrader at the moment and both well over £90k...!

    With one more in the OPC network at £100k for a 2019 model with 2790 miles on!

    They seem to be really scarce at the moment, so glad I grabbed the opportunity to buy a brand new one at list price - I could probably flip it tight now and make several grand!

    But of course you're not going to...........

  2. On 4/25/2021 at 7:39 PM, lawrencequinn said:

    My Spyder only has 300 miles on it but there is a constant drone on the over run at 2000 ish RPM.  Is this commonplace? Also when does it switch to 3 cylinders and is it noticeable?

    I'm fairly sure the drone is the cylinder deactivation. If you run the car with the auto stop/start deactivated it also runs the car on 6 cylinders all the time and I've yet to hear the drone noise then. 

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    On 4/25/2021 at 4:02 PM, JohnSyn said:

    Thanks Stuart! @Stuart21UK I have to say I think the car looks stunning! Counting down the days but have got a bit worried as a number of people who ordered caysters with the 4.0 engine have had their order cancelled and offered a built slot in July/August for delivery in September or later. The cause of this is both the requirement to change circa 1000 engines worldwide on 4.0 cars, and the shortage of computer chips. I've been in touch with the OPC who have said my car is still shown as being built, now on 1 June, and they as they have already had one cancellation, for a 25 Anniversary Boxster so they think mine should be ok. First World problems eh!

    Do you know any more about the issue requiring 1000 engines being changed on 4.0 cars?

  4. On 3/26/2021 at 1:08 PM, Spyderman 718 said:

    Well that's me coming up to the first 1000 miles in the Spyder.

    The roof is proving to be no problem and not too much trouble to operate manually, you need to plan a bit more and it's either up all the journey if weather is inclement or down if dry - it's been mainly down!

    She likes a drink this 4 litre unit - currently averaging 24 mpg, I used to get nearer 30 mpg out of the 3.4 litre engine.

    Started opening her up to 5000 revs with the occasional 6000 revs, wow she really flies once past 4000, but even below this there is much more power than the 3.4 unit ever had. I used to find that engine a little lethargic until you wound it up, not so the 4.0 litre, it always feels eager and picks up really well.

    5th gear will pull all the way from 25mph to well over 100 mph, a very flexible gear on the twisty stuff, no need to change down to 4th to fire out of the bends. I can't wait to use all 8000 revs, it must be ballistic!

    Modifications so far - Aluminium fuel filler cap, clear perspex wind blocker, stick on front number plate, colour coded ignition key, Spyder logo on front spoiler picked out in GT Silver, PPF fitted to front nose, bonnet and sills.

    I had worried if lack of climate control, cruise control and PDK would bother me - Nope on all counts!

    Using a manual box, especially one as slick as this one, is a very involving experience, and makes you feel that you are really driving and interacting with the car, much more then you ever do with a PDK box. My last 3 Porsches were all PDK equipped and I enjoyed them immensely, I don't miss climate or cruise either - it's a sports car for Christ's sake!

    The only slight disappointment is the PSE - it is somewhat muted compared to the 981 version, but I have read that the sound gets better as the miles go on, I will wait and see.

    Apart from that, I am really enjoying the car, I have never had so many people commenting on it - complete strangers come across to me and make conversation saying what a gorgeous car it is!

    It does look pretty special, even an AMG driver on the motorway came alongside and gave it the once over and a big thumbs up yesterday! 

    Yep, loving this car!


    Like your idea of picking out the front splitter Spyder logo in body colour.....do you have a picture of the end result and who did you get to do the work?

  5. 9 hours ago, lawrencequinn said:

    I think the 718 allocation is even worse. I was offered a physical cancelled GT4 but I had to buy it there and then on the day so opportunities like yours do arise. I just don't understand how the flippers get to the top of the queue. I am waiting for things to return to normal before I book my PEC visit , but will they still have a Spyder?

    The commonly held view seems to be that you get to the top of the GT car queue by being a big spender with Porsche. It's one of the reasons why I had never expected to get the chance of buying a new Spyder. At one point around the end of last year there were 10 718 Spyders for sale on Autotrader!! Now some of the original owners may have had second thoughts but I doubt that all 10 had........it is a fabulous car after all!!

    I spoke to PEC in January and they had a Spyder then. I don't anticipate going until mid year.


  6. 39 minutes ago, Gorsh said:

    Are you sure you're comparing the same temp - coolant or oil?  I have had two 981's and while the coolant can be up to temp in about 3 miles the oil takes around 8-10 miles - and it's the oil I take note of, no full throttle or high revs until the oil is up around 90C.

    I've always had both temperatures displayed and don't recall there being a significant lag between the two and nothing like the difference you've described. However, it's a good question and I'll be having a close look at what happens the next few times I go out. My personal rule was to limit revs to 3K untill the temperatures stabilised.

  7. On 3/21/2021 at 2:01 PM, lawrencequinn said:

    Here is a photo of the car after my new plate was fitted.


    Very nice!! Did you find it straightforward to be able to buy one? I suspect I was just incredibly lucky. 

    I've noticed that the engine in mine is taking much longer to get warm up than I expected. My previous 981S would be fully warmed up after 3 miles whereas the Spyder is taking 10 miles so far. It's something I'll keep an eye on, but I'm interested to know what your experience is. 

  8. On 3/16/2021 at 1:48 PM, lawrencequinn said:

    We almost have twins. I got out in mine for a run today and although it has only done 88 miles and has to be under 4k revs you can feel it is going to be spectacular when run-in. I also kept the 987 for the rare days it may possibly rain in Scotland and need a quick hood.😀

    It's certainly proving to be a test of willpower keeping within the 4k run in rev limit.........and i haven't been entirely successful.  You get to 4k revs and can just feel there's so much more to come. It's intoxicating!! Have you posted any pictures of your car. It would be good to see a bit more about it.

  9. On 3/12/2021 at 8:11 AM, Megatron said:

    Beautiful car and GT Silver really show off the lines; I may be biased though!  The contrast stitching add a little something and the red door pulls look great with it too.  I bought my C4S from OPC Wilmslow and found them very pleasant to deal with; Stockport is a little further but sounds like you've had a good experience with them which is useful to know.  What have you had previously if you don't mind me asking?

    Not a bad bias to have!

    I started off with a Gen 2 987S which I had for 7 years and then a 981S before the unexpected opportunity to order the Spyder came along. All three have been manuals. Not too long to go now to get some good roof down weather........enjoy your Spyder.


  10. 2 hours ago, Menoporsche said:

    I maintain that this is a practical and reliable F355.

    Certainly more like a F355 than a London Bus 😀 and if it turns out to be as reliable as my previous 2 Boxsters I'll be very happy.

  11. Having read Spyderman's recent post, this post feels a bit like "London Buses." I found myself with a completely unexpected opportunity to order a Spyder last August. Having seen that the normal 'limited availability' label alongside the Spyder on Porsche's website was missing, I made a speculative call to my local OPC at Wilmslow to check availability. I discovered that a new dealership was opening nearby at Stockport, that the sales exec. I was speaking to was relocating there and that as a new dealership, Stockport had been allocated a Spyder. I guessed it was a chance I was unlikely to get again and so took the plunge. It does show that it is possible to get one of these cars without a big Porsche spend history, but I'm the first to admit you have to be a bit lucky with your timing!

    The people I dealt with at Stockport were fabulous. The car arrived during the lockdown in November but the guys there made a video of the car going through its preparation including it being unloaded from the transporter on arrival. A really nice touch. Here's a few of the pictures.





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  12. I think there is a very strong argument for saying the 981GTS is the sweet spot in the Boxster range and the way prices are holding up seems to support that. I missed the chance of ordering a new one at the end of 2015, tried the 718 and decided, as many did, that having had a flat 6, a turbocharged 4 was not something I could live with(capable car that it certainly is). I then spent 18 months unsuccessfully looking for 981GTS manual. Got close to buying one on a couple of occasions only to be beaten by someone who was quicker off the mark. My experience at that time was that the manual gearbox cars went very quickly. Eventually I bought a 16 plate 981S and fabulous car that it was, it was second best. I resolved not to make the same mistake again and so when recently I found, completely unexpectedly, that I had the chance to order a 718 Spyder I went for it.

  13. RoddyT - I did consider the red roof as the combination with GT Silver does look good, however, eventually decided to go for the black roof which also looks good with GT Silver and was the choice I thought in the longer term would be easier to live with.

    Lot's of Spyder videos available and more new ones still appearing. I've sold my 981S as selling it in November isn't the best time to be selling a convertible, so the videos are helping to bridge the ownership gap!!

  14. Exciting is probably something of an understatement! November seems a long way off.

    I've gone for GT Silver Metallic with the standard Spyder wheels in silver. Inside is leather/alcantara with a red stitching option reminicent of an internal finish available in the 981GTS.



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  15. I have just taken the plunge and ordered a 718 Spyder due for delivery in November, having had a 987S for 7 years followed by a 981S for the last 2 years. It will be the first new Porsche I've bought so I don't have the spend profile that seems to be normally needed to get the opportunity to buy one of these low volume cars. I've just seem to have been incredibly lucky. I'm completely outside my comfort zone as I've never bought a car before without test driving it first. Having agonised about the decision I eventually decided that if I didn't take advantage of the opportunity I'd never get the chance again. The roof will be a pain but I think I can live with it, yes there are questions about the sound, but having watched about every Spyder video on you tube, opinions on that vary, and yes there is a new 4.0GTS now available. I bought my first Boxster after finally realising it's a decision of the heart and not the head and this purchase is probably exactly the same. Most Porsche enthusiasts will probably understand that even if the rest of the world doesn't!

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  16. Jonttt - Do you know the name of the guy with the Miami Blue Spyder? It sounds as though it could Roger Bailey who has done a few interesting videos of his Miami Blue Spyder on You Tube and has had a number of Porsches. He lives somewhere on the Wirral. The generally held view seems to be that the particulate filters fitted to meet the latest emissions regulations have had some effect on the exhaust sound track but there is nothing to beat meeting someone who has one. The manual roof clearly is a bit of pain. No point considering one if you can't accept the compromise........and there is now the new GTS..

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