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  1. I used them or one of their other companies for years on various cars as they were always competitive, but not the case on the box.
  2. Measuring the voltage isn't really going to tell you much. I expect your battery is just fine, but if you want to be sure then you need to get it load tested which will tell you the cca (cold cranking amps)
  3. Yes went direct. I didn't say Aviva don't put prices up, just that they don't seem to do this (to me) (yet) I expect the next renewal will be a different story!
  4. Aviva are the only insurance company I've used so far that don't seem to do this. This year's premium was only 3 quid or so more then last year, and the house insurance was less.!
  5. Hi,

    For some reason I cannot send you a PM.  Are your MO30 986 springs still available?


  6. A 50/50 mix of paint/lacquer works well. As above, just use a cocktail stick or similar to apply.
  7. PaulQ

    Doors frozen

    If the 981 is anything like the 986 then watch out for the window not dropping.
  8. I was with admiral/elephant/bell direct for years, but they wanted close to 500 quid for the Box. Under 200 with Aviva.
  9. Hi Paul

    Picked my 172k Boxster S up yesterday :) lovely...

    1. PaulQ


      Nice one buddy. Enjoy :)


  10. Paul

    I will take the bolts if still available.



  11. Hello PaulQ,you still looking for those alloys?

    1. PaulQ


      Yes mate...........

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