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  1. RickLS7

    Ac removal

    Easy way is to remove your auxiliary belt and fit the shorter one used on non-aircon cars. Unless you're determined to reduce weight, I would keep all the components so it's reversible & wont affect the value of the car too much.
  2. RickLS7

    Battery charging

    I thought you could connect the maintainer clamps direct to the battery on a 986? The 981 has an AGM battery and you shouldn't connect the maintainer/charger to the negative terminal on the battery. This connects to the ground terminal on the windscreen wiper linkage instead, positive connects to battery positive terminal as normal. You could also plug the maintainer into the cigarette lighter socket as most do.
  3. Well it's an impressive piece of kit and not limited to 3 chassis's like mine (and a lot cheaper).
  4. Very impressive. Does this do any more than the Durametric? I have one but have to admit there's too much information & stuff to look at, probably because I don't use it enough.
  5. It definitely says all policy holders are eligible, even those still using their vehicles. I finally got an email from Admiral about my refund.
  6. Have a multi car policy with Admiral so that's £50, feeling a bit left out though as not received an email yet.
  7. Hi Rich 

    . Sent message ref parts 

    .   Thanks Andy

  8. Is that an Astir I see in the background,,,????

  9. Rick, Durametric cannot code cluster changes Dan I think you'll find the Durametric professional version can code the cluster. The latest enthusiast cable can do limited coding, think it's just OBC and cruise. The cable was a real disappointment, my car didn't have any engine, alarm, air bag or air con fault codes in memory. I shouldn't complain!
  10. My specialist coded mine for free when I took it on for a service. I bought a Durametric cable recently so would be able to do it myself if not done already.
  11. Excellent guide, better than any I have seen on other sites.. I added cruise & OBC to mine a couple of years ago, the facelift cars are so much easier, you just have to remove the steering wheel and instrument cluster on those.
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