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  1. Every year for the last 5 years you have been at least a £1000 too expensive. Which is a shame as you used to be spot on. House insurance is now going the same way too.
  2. I agree that the people there are great. Just a shame they are so uncompetitive.
  3. Yep me too. Everybody else wanted to put the price up and they were cheaper this time round.
  4. Steve is not there anymore but they are still very good.
  5. I have insured the Boxster and the house with Steve. Saved me a few quid plus the payment plans he put in place saved me a few quid more. Top bloke who calls back when he says he will and a Boxster nut to boot.
  6. Got my house insurance thru A-Plan. They were very keen on price and did an interest free instalment plan too. So car and house with them. and saved a packet to boot.
  7. I will enjoy the money saved. Hope your holiday is going well.
  8. Best part of £200 cheaper than my renewal quote plus with the spacial payment package Steve has put together make them nearly £300 cheaper. Thanks Steve. Plus he is a really nice bloke who could talk for hours about cars and Boxsters and not bore you to tears!!!!
  9. The other way round for me. Chnaged from a Z3 to a Boxster. Looked at Z4s and they were all more to insure than the Boxster.
  10. Silverstone this weekend. and it is going to chuck it down BOOO!!!!

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