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  1. The only downside I've noticed with the clear screen is that my auto dim mirrors seem to activate a lot more. I often notice them turn their blue hue even in daylight. Other than that I'm a fan of the clear as it improves visibility , especially with hood closed.
  2. I am a happy customer and always recommend them. Great service and knowledge.
  3. have you tried using the blue (accessory wire) to power the Bose adaptor?
  4. I had a wheel damaged (caught the kerb refuelling)by OPC whilst returning car to me - Excel charged £250 for the one wheel as it has the part painted option. The black is not the same as the centre caps 😒- so if given the choice I would buy it in the future and use OPC.
  5. They are harder to keep clean without lacquer
  6. I always dust the sandpaper over (ensure decal fully gone), wipe down with brake cleaner then etch prime before painting them.
  7. Right car stuff first: Just paid it off - I'm kind of in shock as the early settlement saving was considerable ! New job - I'll post that in the lounge section
  8. Well I've just signed a new job contract. Subject to getting paid this week, I intend to pay off the finance completely. Really appreciate the comments and support peeps.
  9. Patt

    Doors frozen

    its worse as the window goes into a fit trying to drop itself.
  10. Patt

    Doors frozen

    star- I'll give that a go. The 981 isn't as easy to pry open as the 986 was.
  11. Patt

    Doors frozen

    I found a bottle in the shed at the weekend, however my German is not good enough to read the bottle. Was thinking a quick smear around the door seals and then wind the window down and smear on the lower seal - sound about right ?
  12. Patt

    Doors frozen

    How do you use this - just wipe on and leave, or wipe on wipe off ?
  13. indeed , I'll be holding on every penny until I have a new job. Only then I can make the decisions on what to pay off/over pay. Although I may have to visit the Tequipment book for a wee "Christmas pressie" ;-)
  14. Thanks John, and indeed all of you for the positive support, it really is appreciated. My negotiations are going very well, although they won't confirm anything until the consultation period has finished. I can't get them to carry over my (already agreed ) holiday in January, so looks like the latest I'll be leaving is the end of December. No biggy as I'd only lose £230 worse off versus 24 days paid holiday ! What is more important is that, subject to finding a new role quickly, I could in fact now pay off Alice completely with the payoff. I'm still worried for the impending doom of no income, but at least I have the potential of a reasonable cushion
  15. Never heard of them - so thank you muchly...If it comes to the crunch, I'll certainly see what they offer.
  16. Appreciate the kind words guys. I'm just about got over the shock and anger, but still feeing very hollow and stressed about the uncertainty ahead. They are now discovering just how good I am at my job. For those that remember the deal I negotiated purchasing Alice .....this is on a way higher level. Only 10 full years as a permanent staff (it would be 11 yrs on 1st Dec ) so I've got to get the most out of them.
  17. Thanks chap, It's not high on my list of "cost cuttings" as I realise I'll lose a lot of cash, especially having bought from OPC.
  18. My consultation period ends on the day I purchased her, thus 1 year of 3 completed.
  19. Anyone pass any light on what to expect if I hand back a car whilst still in the OPC finance period, also do I need to pay off fully before I am able to sell the car ? I've not got the details with me to contact the finance (VW finance) directly, and wondered if any had gone through the process, either trading up or selling ? It's not something I obviously want to do, but I was made redundant last week and I may well need to cut expensive fun things until I finally find another job. And I've been looking for sometime already !
  20. I'm cheating and picking one up from another member tomorrow.
  21. Need one of these ! But not sure I even have a jig saw in the shed ! Would beer tokens provide me with a template ? Also anyone had issues with the auto dimming mirrors and a clear deflector ?
  22. And I can confirm spacer saver fits over front brakes - not even an issue with my big brake conversion.
  23. Hmm I need to either fill some of the hole, or try and relocate then - appreciate the update chap
  24. are the carpet grips supposed to screw into anything, or just "self tap" into the carpet ? One of mine keeps coming away from the floor - thought I'd ask before removing the carpet to find out
  25. let me know how you want paying for the smoked corner chap

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