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  1. why are you selling the shifter chap?

  2. I'll have the drop links off you. How much would postage be?




  3. So 7 fasteners to hold a brake disc on, 11 screws to hold the upper leather trim around the dials...and NONE for the gear lever - who says Germans over engineer things ??!!
  4. Great job. How easy is it to remove the knob from the car?
  5. MOT passed, new smooth ar*e tomorrow and big brakes over the wknd - she's being spoilt !

  6. sick of DIY - out for a topless blat tonight - Kingston bound

  7. go for a drive, or swat up for interview ?

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    2. Southy


      always other jobs :)

    3. mickemo


      no swat up and get the job, then you can buy a 981

    4. Gatorade


      Did you get the job?

  8. I found the connects facia kit a perfect fit, with no foam pads at all. But then used the correct Porsche support bracket from the PCM The centre hole was also the ISO double din size for a Pioneer. I would suggest your cheap head unit is not an exact ISO double din if you are getting a dremel to the bezel. I couldn't get on with the Pioneer app radio. I really wanted TomTom Navigation, DAB and a less clunky interface.
  9. I'm with Purdie, I've only been asked if I have any convictions. If the call is months ago, I doubt they will find the call unless they have a full VOIP set up.
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