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    boxster 987, Volvo XC40

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    Rock music. I'm the drummer in 'A Certain Age' Railways, walking, reading, lambretta's and coarse fishing.

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  1. I recon around £420. Here is my working £35 x 12=£420!
  2. Saga, £162.74 Comprehensive with a £150 excess. My wife and myself as drivers. Mind you, I'm nearly 70, do a maximum of 2000 miles a year in it, because once I'm in, I find great difficulty in getting out again.
  3. Are you talking about the leather gaiter? I have tried to remove mine from a 987.1 to lubricate the linkage underneath, but the clips retaining it are tight. How exactly do you release the leather gaiter to expose the linkage. Thanks.
  4. Gig rained off

    1. richardy


      We set up under a gazebo, sound checked, was about to start when the heavens opened. No, not Glastonbury but a school fete in Suffolk.

    2. Gatorade


      And there was me thinking you were famous ;)

  5. River Fishing season starts Monday!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. richardy


      I've never been fly fishing!

    3. Gatorade


      I sense that all forms of fishing are not created equal, is there a hierarchy which would put river fishing in a more superior category to fly fishing?

    4. richardy


      Fly fishing is mainly for the 'Toffs' I know my place!

  6. And a little 'Shake and Vac' to give a nice smell! Excellent info. thanks.
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