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  1. Yes I did it without removing the bumper and it was very painful and difficult
  2. Well done Patt, can’t keep a good man down for long
  3. Patt, thats awful, drop me your cv so I can take a look, as you know we are in similar fields and I can spread the word. No promises of anything but happy to connect with people who may be looking thanks
  4. Ed, I didn't bother changing mine back. OPC didn't even notice. They only commented on how much of a good idea the Zunsports were, but no comment on the GTS diffuser
  5. John, drop me a message with where you will be and I'll do my best to drop by. Im staying near my office on the west side of Houston near the I-10 towards San Antonio. I've never been but I hear it's nice and the river walk is cool. Enjoy the race and Texas. 

  6. Ed Looks great, good to read that you have plenty of experience removing the bumper now . I must confess that this method seems a far better way of changing the diffuser than leaving the bumper in situ as I did and trying to change it whilst underneath the car in very tight space. If I ever decide to put the old ones back, then I shall be following your approach. Cheers & great job Tony
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