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  1. Let us know how you get on, got the pump & wondering whether to have a crack at changing it myself (preventative measure).
  2. Wow! Really surprised to see that. Worryingly it looks like it’s in the seam too... Don’t suppose it’s had a boot lid skin at any time? Do they even re-skin panels any more or just put a whole new panel in place for any damage? Really tricky one to sort as well - access a bit tight there...
  3. Great write up, thanks for posting. Will it recode cruise / heated seats if you have a flat battery? Cheaper to buy one of these than pay an Indy / OPC to do it.
  4. Porsche tax. A premium for one Porsche, but then the insurance company gets really greedy if you have two.... 😂
  5. Hi, any help with condenser etc replacement in South Wales ( Cardiff/Swansea) would be much appreciated.  My sons ride, a 2005 987.  Garage job or buy parts online and have them fitted?  Owen.

  6. Yep, this is what I use. Got a Chipex kit for the Boxster, don’t get on with it at all. However, I do find that the paint is much easier to use with a cocktail stick. For my daily, the Halfords 3 pen paint chip repair kit is actually very good. Not only is there a brush, there is also a ‘pen’ type applicator - similar to a tipex type pen with a fine nib, it’s excellent at stone chip repairs.
  7. Lockton's policies do not accrue ncb, this is the reason I moved my policy to Manning.
  8. Try Manning or Locktons, both offer specialist Porsche cover, might not be hugely cheaper but better cover than the regular insurers so you'll get things like choice or repairer etc.
  9. HI Colin, cannot reply to your  e mail, regarding waterpump costs, system comes back as you cannot receive messages.


  10. Will the space saver fit over the brakes on the front?
  11. Had mine replaced under warranty by an OPC when the car was under previous ownership, details of the work included seat removal to carry out the replacement!
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