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  1. Thanks all.. seems cancelling and going elsewhere ends up about the same.. still looking for a solution, but it's some system generated thing, and her previous 0 points brought down the insurance on my car, and my daughters, so it might be just one of those things I have to accept. Damned annoying tho
  2. Not Boxster related but you guys are full of good advice. My missus added an SP30 to her licence recently and Admiral are looking for £170 in addition to her existing premium.. now some of that may be down to slow notice for it.. to be honest I totally forgot about it to add on to the multicar policy. Seems absolutely mad that a car which costs £233 to insure annually rises by £170 because of an SP30!. - And yes I do accept that the premium for a BMW M140i is really cheap to begin with Is this normal? I've not had points myself for years, but thought there was a general "SP30/3 points makes bugger all difference"
  3. Yep, I got the Admiral thing today too - £75 for us
  4. I'm just about to renew with rescuemycar.com https://www.rescuemycar.com £28.49 for UK recovery with home with a £40 excess. I'm quite happy to have the excess rather than pay more for the recovery when I might not need it. I had to call them last year when I had some weird electrical gremlins - they arrived within 35 mins, and flatbed'd the car to local indy. Can't beat that for value I think
  5. Careful there before you start. Check about the key and the battery. Not wishing to be teaching you to suck eggs but I recall you need to leave the key in the ignition and disconnect correctly. Check befor you do. Enjoy. 

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