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  1. I'd like a Beannie as well but can't seem to reply to post.


  2. That’s the best way forward following Richards instructions. You’ll still need it coded to work though.
  3. Yes it is, wiring is straight forward, the tricky part is having it enabled with piwis. I take it you've read this and looked at the corresponding links?
  4. I've just played the insurance renewal lottery game. Current provider A plan £400, new provider PMAS £235 including courtesy car and OEM windscreen cover. Oh and as a new customer a £20 M&S voucher to say thank you. Happy Xmas to me ?
  5. Depends on the premium paid at inception and which company. Due to the driver being in their 30's the loading formulae are different. 17-25 are the "At Risk" group generally. Check their certificate, if all is as agreed then happy dayz
  6. Are you talking young driver recently test passed? Or older person adding another string to the bow (motorcycle)?
  7. Durametric Pro owner.

  8. Thats great, I love these modifications. I just need to scour ebay for a house with a bigger garage and electric door for under £25
  9. Can't find mention of a lighter spring. Its either in or out (broken). If the clutch is too heavy remove it. When you've done the right up the Q will be in the right place
  10. Hi T24RES

    i would like to change the clutch assist spring. I have found your post from


    problem is the photos are not being shown. wants "photobucket" or something

    how do i get photos to appear?

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    2. T24RES


      I would gladly, however i was not the original poster tecknow made the article. When the forum upgraded years ago we srated a how to section. I put this in that section,.

      sadly a lot of articles are going to fail due to photobuckets new policies.


      Sorry not to have been more help.


      This may help, its the same to visualise the written description.


    3. eric adelaide

      eric adelaide

      hi mate

      thank s for this


      i have another question, owners manual state not to warm up engines. my porsche mechanic says it a good idea to warm up the engine berfor going for a drive

      whats the consensus on this issue?


    4. T24RES


      General feeling is not to use high revs until the engine has reached operating temperature. I usually let mine idle for a minute before pulling away from a cold start.

  11. I believe it does, try the net. I seem to remember the American sites doing it.
  12. Much improved, imo these tidy the rear end very nicely. And only a smidge more than a set of grilles ?
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