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  1. Hi, I’m in the USA on holiday at the moment. Will post on my return next week 👍🏼
  2. Just to clarify, I dug out the spreadsheet and £1,822 was the total overall cost so net will be around £1,400 once I’ve sold my full bumper inc DRL’s etc. Bit manic today so will get some pics over the holidays and post up soon.
  3. I’ll take some tomorrow as it’s dark outside now. I’m afraid I’ve no idea how to do the front end as I gave it to a body shop. I bought a bare used bumper and then bought all the trims, DRL’s, DRL frames etc from the OPC. Be aware though that all of those extra pieces cost me around £800 (the bumper was cheap at £325). With colour coding/fitting it cost around £2k but I should get back around £400 on my old bumper.
  4. Yes the existing surround does fit. I only purchased the two diffusers and used the original surround. I had my diffs painted gloss black and wish I would have done the surround as well but it still looks good as is. I also changed my front bumper set up to the GTS as I think it looks so much better.
  5. Yes correct - you don’t get the surround as part of the diffuser.
  6. I just recently purchased through OPC but no discount given - part number for diffuser is 981.505.021.32 - price was £134.88 + VAT. Hope this helps.
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