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  1. Manflu goddamnit! :(

    1. mickemo


      hope you get better soon Capa...youve had that damn man flu for 2 months :-)

  2. humph. I hate cars. grumpgrumpgrump.

  3. Slowly but surely giving up on the idea of selling the Boxster. :(

  4. Didn't the old bill take an insurance company to court over discriminating based on SAC? The whole idea of it was that it didn't up your premium. Considering a SAC costs £200? and an FPN costs £60, if it bumps your insurance up by £100 and robs you of a day of your time, you'd have to consider the FPN as the easier option. As I recall, people started to realise this, and the police were none-too-pleased about it. I seem to recall my father taking the FPN option rather than the awareness course when he was caught a few years back.
  5. Can I have a nap please?

  6. 4 day weekend starts in 29 minutes. Boosh!

  7. Went for a little drive in the forest. Forgot how rapid car was. Good day out.

  8. Well. Bye summer. It's been fun.

  9. Sun + Roof Off = :D

  10. Pick up my 986S tomorrow evening. So. Stoked.

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