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  1. Bump! Happy to recommend these guys, worth every penny.
  2. 21°c out this afternoon, top down, picked up son from school run and let him play while I washed, dried, detailed and tyre blacked. It doesn't get any better.

  3. to upload kills our server space, so hosting them elsewhere helps us keep the cost down on a monthly basis I use Imgur to host my images. Sign up takes two seconds, I make a new account for every forum I join. I use the app on my phone to upload pics and hosting there means I can pull images from a forum remotely if I decide I don't want my pics on there anymore.
  4. Yes. The old roof had a larger glass window and the top of that window was at a fold point when the roof was stowed. You could see where the rubber gasket around the window had rubbed or folded and had perished. Also the top had shrunk a little and the seal was pulling away at the bottom of the glass too. Here is an image of it -- you can see where someone had tried to fix it with sealant. I had to race out and put the hard top on whenever it started to rain.
  5. To answer your questions: I paid £700 for the black replacement hood with a glass window including VAT and the mobile fitting service. I live right on the South Coast, so the fitting was a little more expensive. The fitter arrived at about 9.30 and was done and gone by about 11am, so for me to be able to have my hood replaced from my house and only lose a couple of hours work was great. I'm very happy with the results so far. I'll let it all settle and will post in a few weeks to let you know how it has all gone.
  6. The rear glass window is nicely finished.
  7. New hood placed onto cage. Image shows the underside of the hood with taped seams. The mohair is a nice quality.
  8. I can't see any HTML options or icons on the desktop forum version running on my ipad. Does the forum use BB code? Can I use an tag?
  9. Yesterday I had a new hood fitted to my 99 Boxster 986 by Car Hood Warehouse. I called and booked about a month ago, and paid for the mobile service at my house in Hampshire. The fitter arrived a little early and did the job in about 2 hours, explaining the job as he went and putting up with me using the portable Dyson on the car once the hood was off. I was also able to apply Gummi Pfledge to all the newly exposed seals. I have restored all the seals on the car with this and I was glad of the opportunity to be able to get access to the seals and the drain holes. The hood looks perfect now, the material is slightly higher quality than the old hood that was replaced and after a drive I have found that it has no wind noise, whistles or rattles at all. The car feels and smells like new. The old hood had failed around the glass window. The rubber seal had cracked and perished and the hood was slightly shrunk above and below the window. The new hood has a smaller window that is bonded to a metal plate and is stitched into the fabric. The window had a sticker on it detailing a lifetime warranty of the bond between the topping and the glass. The smaller window will take a little getting used to after the large glass window in the last hood, but I don't see any problem with it. The finish, stitching and fit of the new hood is way better than the old one. Certainly at this stage there are no wrinkles at all, but the hood will ease and settle over time, so I will report back in the spring. I'm almost tempted to retire the hard top for the winter so see how it goes. I don't appear to be able to post images but I took a few photos of the job being done. If a mod can enable image posting for me, I'll upload them.
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