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  1. I believe the 987 is set up with 3 tweeters in the dash (not sure if the center one is a tweeter?) then a midrange & sub in the doors (bottom speaker is the sub). I think Bose are 2 ohm as opposed to every other manufacturer of speakers in the world who use 4 ohms....
  2. Yes you can do them all its certainly worth upgrading the door speakers too & I spent a day redesigning my door sub enclosures to squeeze a 17 cm speaker in there (original useless sub is 13cm). All running of a Sony head unit as I ditched the amp & all my mods are unseen so everything still looks like it left the factory.
  3. & if you haven't got one already order your self a trombone or hydrytion pack cleaning brush (long flexible spring thing with a brush either end).
  4. Its asked lots & we should have a post or guide pinned somewhere really. If your doing the Bridgenorth Midlandsrun this weekend I will show you locations on Sunday Boxster 987 Drain Holes 986 list below
  5. Sorry Chris, Meant to give you my mobile & e-mail if you want to contact me. E-mail is nvreeves@gmail.com & Mobile 07541 482712. Cheers again. Neil. 

  6. Hi Chris. Seen your spare wheels and was wondering if i could view them this weekend, Saturday morning would be good. I live in Rugby and have 04 Boxster S and have been looking for a good set of spares. Cheers. Neil.

  7. No its for 987s the 986 hasn't got the "home" position on the headlight switch & with the fogs being in the headlights on 986s i am not sure it will look right (photos anyone?). Looks awesome on the 987 though having done it to mates car. 986 Foglight Mod I havent done any research on the above but apparently running a wire from the foglight fuse to the fog light relay pin 56 has the desired effect on a 986.
  8. You will need a 10mm allen/hex key/socket to remove the caliper bolts & a punch to drive out the pin that holds the pads in if you havent got those on your list already. HTH
  9. A trombone cleaner or Hydration Pack Cleaner is the perfect tool for cleaning the drain holes & won't damage them
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