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  1. New pads all round today, very pleased with myself, and very easy to do

    1. m500mol


      Did you phone an OPC to see how much you saved?

    2. Simon mw03

      Simon mw03

      Sorry for late response, I lost my log in details.

      No I didn't but i'd hate to think how much they'd charge. :D:D

  2. Booster bumpers are just what you see, molded plastic with a crash bar behind them. I have both of mine off and there's no polystyrene at all.
  3. the wife says it's either her or the boxster, it's going to be a tough decision and one i may regret but i will miss her, we've been married 22 years

    1. mrbikerdood


      i remember my X giving me the same-her or the CBR1000RR ..... i now live with a size 6 sexy girl who loves the things i like :)

    2. Samsara


      Woman can be crabby when her man spend some quid especially on cars, but I doubt she really envisage a separation simply for that. It's just verbal menace, nothing serious I'm sure.

    3. wayneo


      ha ha love it

  4. This worked a treat for me and has been good for the last three months, thanks for the tip
  5. If the other person is liable why are you paying excess?
  6. A friend of mine is in need of a replacement hood for a 53 plate 986, anyone got one for sale
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