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  1. HI Spearsy

    Can you tell me a good detailer in the Stourbridge area, West Midlands, postcode DY8 2PH


    Simon (alias Patlad)

  2. Hey how are you? 

    I don't do AS01 anymore now replaced with my new Krypton 9 ceramic coating which has taken over the old waxing way pal..

    Are you on fb?

  3. Spearsy detailing is back on BoXa.net

  4. I have done it...got my first 911

  5. Busy busy busy busy!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Good to see you the other day Paul O!

  7. Autosport show here i come (Sat)

    1. spearsy


      Good show....best car was the 918 RSR by far...

  8. Working down London next week....

  9. Its camping time again..yippee no more car scrubbing for 4 days AVITTTT!

    1. r1flyguy


      Can you imagine Sprearsy on a camp site with all those dirty cars!!! be like a kiddy in a sweet shop

    2. Cougarbox


      bet he takes some flyers and leaves them tucked under teh wipers during the night....

    3. spearsy


      Not cars in mind boys CARAVANS...

  10. Hey folks just to inform you i'm now using Pro-Porsche as a base to undertake all aspects of detailing work, still mobile too.

    Thanks to Pro-Porsche

  11. follow me on facebook!!!!!!!!

  12. Tony how are you doing mate, thanks for the brilliant work again last week on the 996 C4 Cab, speak soon, Rich.

  13. Hi Rich

    Any idea when you guys are thinking of having an open day so i can spread he word.


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