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  1. The 987 box needs modification as shown in the video. The aos tube can be brittle so be careful. It may be clipped to the oil filler tube in the middle. There is also a valve/tube attached to the underside of the intake manifold. If you go as far as removing the oil cooler, drop the coolant level beforehand and be prepared for a flood.
  2. Yet to be tested seriously at the track and at some point soon, on the dyno. Sound is aggressive but not crazy loud. If you can keep your foot out of it, it purrs like a kitten. Punch it and you’ll hear a much larger cat! (Uh, cat, no pun intended).It feels quite punchy at lower revs (3 to 4k), I’ll check out the curves with my tuner after the dyno. So far, I’m happy.
  3. The latest vid is up! https://youtu.be/EQZqz07jYd8
  4. You can see Part 2 at https://www.youtube.com/user/12shoes2 Hope you enjoy it! NewArt
  5. Part 2 is in the can! In the editing bay now and will be available shortly!
  6. Thanks! I've been active for several years on the 986 Forum but thought that I might drop in here. My forum name is supposed to be NewArt , and is so on the other forums. Here, it gained an H, becoming Newhart! I guess someone was a fan of the TV show.
  7. Passing these winter months doing an air intake and throttle body modification to my Boxster S! I did the base dyno run and the results were pleasing. I'm currently doing the mod and documenting it. We'll see if it's all worth while at the end with the final dyno run!If you would like to see what I am up to, here's the YouTube link:
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