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  1. If your still looking for floor mats try ebay.

  2. I'm back... So, I didn't really have time to take care of the Boxster after my holidays but the time has come. Before to go to the MOT I want to sort out a few things. On the last MOT the front offside brake pipe was slightly corroded. I know this is a common issue but is there anything i can do to stop it rusting more any fail an MOT? My ides was to clean the pipa as much as possible, apply rust converter and paint but I am worried that they fail it at the MOT station as they might thing I covered a highly corroded pipe... Any thoughts?
  3. Ok. That's what I thought... No panic then! Will get it MOT'd soon. Thanks.
  4. Not an insurance question but I believe this is the best place to ask the question... What happens if you forget about your MOT? I believe that if you do not drive I shouldn't get a fine? Can anyone confirm?
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