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    2011 BMW 520d F11 (Touring), 2007 Mondeo ST TDCI Estate, Porsche Boxster 986 (2000) 2.7 in Arena Red, Black Porsche 944 (87) with 3.0 S2 engine upgrade, Turbo brakes and PU front.

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  1. This guide really helped me evaluate my recent purchase and decide to proceed.
  2. Overwhelming guide and some serious food for thought. Also looking and it's definitely better to be warned than to fall foul. A lot to to digest. Thanks for posting.
  3. I'm looking for a Boxster. Ideally looking to send around 3 -5k on the car dependent on work required. May go higher for the right car but mindful of needing to spend 1-2k in first 18 months from what I read.

    As a weekend toy I'd like the best condition I can find for the money with FSH, original as possible and any spec/colour/engine. Mileage is dependent on condition. It will be loved and cherished and a long term relationship - I hope.

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