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  1. Maybe somebody with a Gen2 should give it a go?
  2. Hi Zenedge, remember the hack gives front fogs as DRLs only when the switch is in the Home position - when you switch to side lights they will go out.
  3. Hi Zenedge, yes, this hack is for the front fogs only. It allows them to behave just as a factory fitted DRL set-up would; i.e. on without having any other lights on at all. If you'd like rear lights on too (not rear fogs, though) you can always switch sidelights to On, with or without the front fogs.
  4. Agreed, that LED (5.5w?) looks fine. Anyway, OEM DRL's aren't designed to dazzle other road users, are they?
  5. I just fitted a set of these, and they flicker, quite a rhythmic flicker, and ever so slight, but it's visible to me, so I took them back out. No errors shown, tried with one LED and both fitted in case of an unbalance or the like. But I've not found a set of HID's ( even those that work in other Boxsters ) that don't flicker in my car either. Perhaps it's my eyes that flicker If anyone wants to try them, cross my palm with £10 and I'll stick them in the post. drago.d - any flicker on yours? These are much cheaper that others posted on ebay ...Hi, nope no flicker at all. Perfectly fine.
  6. Have you tried rotating them 180 degrees and reinstalling?
  7. IIRC from when I tried to get DRLs coded at JZM on my 987.1 it was a headlights always on option???
  8. I bought these which are CanBus error free, colour temp 6,000K and work great: http://www.auto-lighting.co.uk/product-eng-1109-Car-LED-Light-Bulb-27x-SMD-5050-H8-CanBus-WHITE.html
  9. Cheers! Are you still running the original bulbs or have you fitted LEDs?
  10. Guys, your Guards Red looks very tasty, too.
  11. It does seem too simple to be true, doesn't it? Someone in the U.S. must have too much time on their hands! (Cough! Uktinpol)
  12. Off to Simply Porsche on Sunday. It will be interesting to see if anyone there has done the hack!
  13. Cheers for the LED heads up, E4BRT and Tony. In normal daylight, would you say they were too bright/dazzling?
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