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  1. Guys I have just taken the plunge and Car Hood have put on a new roof with a glass window. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Everything has been first class and Tyrone the fitter took his time to explain what was wrong with my hood and what he was going to do to fix it. Absolutely first class service!
  2. Right have taken the plunge and booked my car in for this. Quick question though - my car is Lapis Blue 2001 Boxster S. The original roof is black but I see Carhood offer colours. Has anybody got an opinion on what would look best on the lapis blue? Cheers
  3. Ha ha! I meant a new roof with a glass window..... They have done a group buy before for £575 if I remember. Hopefully that might come back again
  4. If you get any news of offers please let me know. A glass roof is on my list for the next couple of months but the last time I spoke to Tina the price was £650 with no reduction for the forum
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