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  1. Hey, thanks Flyguy - spent a decent amount of time on the phone with Oracle. Super impressive. They took time to really dig down into my circumstance and what I wanted to achieve. If I do go ahead with the Macan it'll be with their assistance. If memory serves me right you have a Macan yourself?
  2. Hi all, Considering replacing my wife's car with a Macan and was interested in looking into a PCP for finance. Has anyone any experience and/or can recommend a decent way of getting a quote? Thanks!
  3. Hi Jon, The insurance company has agreed to have a second opinion from another independent window firm and they'll then either repair the existing (1900 originals) windows or replace...no fee to me! Phew!! The subsidence happened 2.5 years ago during the extremely hot summer we had. The council had planted a fruit tree outside our house about 15 years ago and the theory is that it sucked all the moisture out of the clay soil that is in our area. It only really affected the bay at the front of the house but what a pain it's been. The tree was removed and the house stabilised and then recovered much of the height it had lost. The council were a complete nightmare to work with. Despite knowing that their tree was likely the cause, they refused for 1.5 years to remove it in case it made them look liable. Getting there with the repairs - I'd say another couple of months and it'll be as good as it was in 2018!
  4. The problem is they’re asking me for £7.5k before they proceed....I was asking advice to counter that for my call tomorrow. I think I’m on the right track but wanted to check my argument seemed logical and reasonable before I get my trousers pulled down in the morning!
  5. Precisely. If they were to repair them would they be asking me for £7.5k? Nope. It’s just because their own independent window expert that they asked to report to them recommended replacement rather than repair as a cheaper alternative with a better end result that they are now trying on the “betterment” argument. I’d be happy for them to go out and buy some old windows and fit them as long as they’re the same function and aesthetic as before. I’ve never asked for anything to be improved (it didn’t need to be as they were in excellent condition anyway!). Urgh....
  6. I get your point, but I never asked for new windows. I said that I was happy with the function and aesthetic of the windows before the subsidence. Insurance is there to repair the function and aesthetic after damage. I argue that however they plan to achieve that (repair or replace) is of no interest to me as long as the end result is the same. Age is irrelevant, the condition was recorded as excellent on our survey. Why should I pay 50%?
  7. Thanks! I've checked myself and no mention at all but I can ask them to point out the exclusion (that doesn't exist)!
  8. Yep, I will. However, that will massively delay te repair of the house, so keen to try to avoid it! I'd rather back them into a corner where they can't justify low balling us. Does anyone know if insurance negotiating on items such as this is normal? It seems to me that if the expert appointed by the insurer says that something needs replacing then it needs replacing, end of. We paid the insurance premium, not half an insurance premium...
  9. Hi everyone, We are in the unfortunate position where our house suffered subsidence to the front elevation. The front bay (it's a London Terrace) moved and the bay needed underpinned and remedial works are underway. As part of the repair, the wooden sash windows were inspected and the report came back tat they were so far out of square that they needed to be replaced, at a cost of £15,000. In addition, the further repairs to the bay can only be completed if the windows are replaced. That was last week. I just had a call from the Claims Management company saying that the insurance company is only willing to pay 50% of the window replacement cost (£7.5k). Prior to the subsidence, the windows were probably original (1900ish) but had been maintained immaculately throughout their life. Our home buyers survey from 18 months before the subsidence states tat they were in "Condition 1" which is the best condition they can report and means no repair or maintenance is required. The reason the insurer is only offering 50% is "due to the age of the windows". I have a call directly with the insurer tomorrow. I'm looking for advice on how to counter this...before the subsidence, we were perfectly happy with our windows. We had never considered replacing them - they were in perfect condition. Now we face a £7.5k bill to a) replace the windows that a report says needs replaced b) allow the rest of the work to proceed, which depends on the windows being replaced. When we got a quote for insurance, we were never asked how old the windows were and never had a discussion that they would only ever be covered 50%. If they had been brand new windows that were being replaced, the insurer would have to do that and foot the bill. The monthly premium we pay would have been the same. I feel we are being massively short changed here - I want the windows covered 100% - help!!
  10. I’ll look into it! The car’s on a PCP so not necessarily being handed back to the same dealer/may be traded in...
  11. Hi Ed, I’ll look into the cover. For clarity, the £211 is for the full 36 months, not per year. I guess the value (or not) is all in the T’s&C’s
  12. What are peoples thoughts on Alloy Wheel Insurance? I've done some comparisons online and the best I can find is £211 for 36 months cover. That covers 3 x repairs up to £150 each in a 12 month period. So that's 9 x £150 repairs = £1,350 (round of applause for my maths)... It's my wife's car and we'll look to trade it in in 3 yrs. It's got 21" black painted alloys which will be scuff magnets! Has anyone any experience in this (getting quotes, claiming, having repairs done etc)? Is it worth it? Any tips?
  13. Thanks everyone - FlyGuy, are we talking moneysupermarket type comparison sites or should I be approaching a specialist finance house?
  14. Hello finance experts! We're looking into replacing my wife's non-ULEZ compliant 4x4 with a new Cayenne. We've not financed a car before but it seems the best route these days. Can anyone give me some advice on Porsche finance (Hire Purchase)? I understand that you can pay it off with one months notice (interest). If I took Porsche finance on a new car, am I likely to get a better deal on the car itself / negotiate better options etc? If so, I'm free to then refinance the car myself through a bank (or whatever) and pay off Porsche, right? Is there anything I need to be aware of here? Thanks
  15. Quite a lot of moss in the joints of that driveway Matt...
  16. Cheers John. Out of interest, did you lacquer over the top of the stickers or just stick the stickers on and leave them?
  17. Great, thanks! Ordered!
  18. Hi Chanlon, These look great - can I ask where you sourced your decals please?
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