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  1. 3 more here from Admiral - e mail came through today.
  2. Good call - thanks @Nobbie. Alpina is based on a 330 3 series BMW. The "S" models had specific parts like brakes, but the stock Alpina i have shares most underpinnings with standard BMWs. I will see what they say on Monday.
  3. Hi All. I have had my Boxster insured by RH Specialist Insurance for around £150 per year, 5k limited miles on a classic poilicy. Earlier this year i bought a E46 Alpina B3 3.3 and added this to the policy. It raised it to about £250. I recently found out that the policy insists that I have another "daily" car as my usual car. I have to be the owner, so it cannot be the wifes car and I must have a normal (not classic) insurance on this as me the daily driver. This was my 2002 Audi A4. Unfortunately, earlier this month, i managed to write the car off. I sold it today and i guess that means that the classic policies are now void? Any idea how to proceed? Would it be best to insure the Alpina as my daily and boxster as a classic or the other way around? Does anyone have experience of this sort of thing? I dont want to pay a fortune for insurance as i dont really use either car for many miles. Cheers R
  4. Hi who do you insure with can you please give me a bit of info 

    regards Mark

  5. Copyright?

    The problem I have with these manuals is that if there is an error, you don't know it till too late. I've seen people lose an engine because of that.

  6. Looking for a decent 986 for low money....

    1. toys4x4boys


      If there is anyone selling a decent car for less that it's worth, there could be a deal brewing :)

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