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  1. Not too old ... and I think I've lost my Boxster, she's finding all the excuses to keep taking it out this morning -she's just gone out in it again lol
  2. She's just got back .... she's a petrol head and loved driving it but said one woman shouted at her calling a sl*t and over heard another woman saying "she's obviously sleeping with an old man to drive that" I just said you get use to people like that lol
  3. Just renewed with AIB,they beat A-plan by £200! and have added Emm to the policy …….. to which shes just taken her daughter to dance class in it ...which is 10 min drive but shes been gone half hour lol
  4. How much please and where to get? i have the same problem even though is under a fitted cover which cost £165 its been used as a scatching post as the cover is totaly feked Si
  5. Northampton beer festival sat 21 may-rude not too :)

  6. picking up a 3.2s today whoop whoop!!

    1. Southy


      I want to see photos, :)

    2. mickemo


      wow - that was a quick turnaround. Congrats !!

    3. John T
  7. aswome wknd but god do i ache lol

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