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  1. I used a hairdryer to get a dent out of the bumper on a Ford Kuga - heat it up, push from behind and in no time, it was gone. Worked a treat☺️
  2. I wouldn't touch Admiral with a barge-pole. Just saying...
  3. Sounds exactly the same as mine - heavy clutch, sharp take-up and difficulty executing a smooth shift, especially when driving spiritedly... Mine's done 70,000 miles, clutch never replaced so it will be changed at the next service along with the flywheel, IMS, RMS etc.
  4. A worn clutch on a Boxster rarely slips but certainly gets heavy...I think that if you're a contortionist you can see if the spring is broken
  5. Don't lose sight of the fact that it's not even called a Speed Awareness Course anymore, it's now Driver Awareness. You could invited to attend for any traffic offence and what the offence was is not declared on the course.
  6. My experience of Admiral following a no-fault accident when my first 986 was written off was nothing short of criminal. Their efforts to minimise the pay-out to me while maximising their own income (and that of their partners in crime) from the third party's insurer, was nothing short of disgraceful - and don't get me started on their efforts to get me to claim for injuries that didn't exist... The fact is that you do not have to declare the fact that you have been on a SAC unless thay ask the specific question, in which case I'd suggest binning the application and finding another insurer
  7. Low pressure PAS pipe ferrule split, Porsche standard repair - replace pipe for £1400. Real world, non-millionaires repair - replace ferrule with £1.50 jubilee clip (the blue car had this 'bodge' done by a PO and it was fine throughout the 25k miles I did in it). Surface corrosion to front dampers, Porsche standard repair - replace dampers for £2100. Real world repair - remove corrosion and apply black smooth Hammerite. The wheels? I'm with you, I much prefer the Carrera wheels on the blue car for both aesthetic and practical reasons but the rear wheel was damaged when it took the br
  8. The saga is over. Following an inspection by an 'independant assessor' Admiral upped their offer by £800 from which they wouldn't budge so I negotiated a fair price with the 3rd party's insurer and bought the scrap back which I sold at cost to a friend who runs an indy in Dorset. He's repairing to use as a courtesy car so I'm pleased that it's going to live on rather than being broken - I really loved that car! Anyway, onwards and upwards. With the money in the bank and with an open mind about spec. (essentials were; 'S', not silver, preferably south of the Thames, reasonable history) I s
  9. It's simple - whatever insurance companies have to pay out following a claim (repairs, total loss, medical costs, hire charges, travel expenses, loss of earnings - the list is endless...), get charged to the cash-cow at the end of the chain, the motorist, when they pay their premium!
  10. Following my experience of the systematic insurance scams being perpurtrated by the insurance companies, the claim management companies and their myriad of parasitic partners, I would have been far more surprised if the 'independant assessors' had been found to be kosher!
  11. That's it, all over. Following countless discussions with Admiral, they would not budge from their offer of £5k. Based on the fact that they believed that was way above market value, as quoted in those fictional works, Glass's etc. the threat of the Ombudsman didn't bother them one jot. I finally accepted an acceptable negotiated offer from LV, bought the salvage and passed it on to a local indy who is going to repair it and use it as a courtesy car - which I am very happy about as my car will live on. Next post - 'I'm on the lookout for a well cared for 986S, full history, £000's re
  12. Thanks again for all your comments and words of advice. For your sins, here's quick update... My insurer, Admiral, continue to treat me with utter contempt. Because I haven't accepted their offer for my car we reached an impasse, so they suggested they send an independant engineer to look at the car and value it - Hallelujah! In anticipation of holding negotiations with someone who - a) knew Boxsters and their market value and didn't have a vested interest in milking me for all I'm worth, I spent two hours on Wednesday evening copying Autotrader and Pistonheads ads and getting my history
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