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  1. Good work. How have you switched it, did you buy a new OEM panel with seat heating for the dash? How long did it take in total?
  2. Berty

    I'm messaging you to ask your advice ,as you've been down a similar path and seem very knowledgeable on the subject of Boxster Mods. I'd be very grateful if you could give me a bit of advice or point me in the right direction, I've already read loads of your posts which have been interesting and well written btw

    I want to thicken the Torque curve lower down the rev range of my 987 3.4 295 hp Boxster S, if I have understood yours and other posts correctly I will not gain much from changing the throttle body and plenum on my car, and may even lose Torque without the correct  remap?

    So with that in mind I was planning to remove/drill the cats from the existing manifold and remap the car with a live map from a respected tuner. I would like a bit more noise from the exhaust too, but can not stand any sort of drone as it's a daily, the most I would do for noise is probably the carnewal mod which I could have done at Revolution Porsche near me in Leeds

    I would of course like to boost the BHP and Torque through the rev range, but I'm realistic and as much as I like to red line the car, it  doesn't see it that much, so gains need to be throughout the rev range.

    I used  to have a BMW E46 M3 and it came with a after market  free flow exhaust, which definitely decreased Torque in the mid range , but absolutely flew at the top end and your could feel the extra power, so i'm wary of messing or sacrificing Torque low down in a daily driver

    What do think  the best combination of modifications to achieve the above and what peak figures are likely on the 3.4. I've read 360 bhp, but I'm pretty skeptical, I'd be ecstatic with 340 bhp and a fatter Torque curve, but I am looking to do all this with blowing a load of cash, the idea of spending £1200 on an exhaust makes me need a sit down tbh, well I am from Yorkshire :)

    My car has done 62K and is on original shocks and springs, when I brake hard the nose dives too much for my liking, I'm guessing the shocks are worn out at this mileage? 

    Trouble is, the shocks are massively expensive for the Porsche for some reason, I have installed the Bilstien B12 kit on other cars with great results, thinking of doing it for this car too, any experience of suspension kits or mods on the 987?

    Lots of questions I know 



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