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  1. Hi. Have you considered moving out of Bradford? Cheers, Baggers.
  2. This is completely fool-proof (email and/or text received a month & 2 weeks ahead of MOT expiry): https://www.gov.uk/mot-reminder It works too! I have recently had reminders re. SWMBO's car): Cheers, Baggers.
  3. Yeah. Expired MOT = Book it in, drive it there, get a pass, enjoy... Then set an online reminder so it doesn't expire again in future years. Don't drive it in the meantime, unless you fancy tempting fate/mither. Cheers, Baggers.
  4. Here we go again.... One bag of Maltesers and a lucky-dip of early-90s DVDs? Cheers, Baggers.
  5. Welcome. Nice video. I look forward to the sequel(s).... Cheers, Baggers.
  6. Bagss2

    You have PM


  7. Vast majority of insurers specifically exclude th'Nurburgring in their small-print, so if you do have a 'big off' it's just you and your credit card... Cheers, Baggers.
  8. Interesting that their pricing differential is exactly one third... This is perhaps an indicative answer to the common 'how much less should this car be because it's on V-Car' query? Cheers, Baggers.
  9. Number is 07966078731


    Did you plan on going up the the Ponderosa from the Llangollen side? If so  you could carry on over to Nant y Gareth pass and on to Ruthin, Denbigh and on to the Evo that way.

  10. Hi Baggers whats your mobile number ill ring you from work needto delet one of your threads getting confused with two diffrent post about the same meet.



  11. Is the backlight the same orange as CDR22. What extra hardware would be required?? I expect with this being brand new it may be pricey????

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