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  1. I think you'll find @CAZ is already sorted!
  2. Looks like Dave has changed the settings and he's not been on here since July.
  3. Welcome. Just had a look in my handbook which states the key switch and airbag off light were not factory installed but could be retrofitted by dealership. My 06 2.7 doesn't have them and i guess there won't be many that do, given it's a sports car.
  4. Looks good. When i did mine I also used a couple of coats of Stone Chip paint prior to base coat for added protection.
  5. @TTGator nice set of videos but one tip: if you're going to stick around here you really need to get those centre caps correctly aligned with the valve! Otherwise the BoXa police will be after you! Wonder if it's as hot where you are as over here? 23 degrees C here today.(you'll have to work out the equivalent F!). 10 weeks wall to wall sunshine during lockdown
  6. Nice video. How did you do the jacking points? Were you able to get the car up on a lift or did you just jack at the rear? And what paints/treatments did you use? Need to do mine and was thinking probably Kurust, primer, stone chip, colour, lacquer.
  7. B*st*rds from Aviva need to come up with a similar scheme!
  8. Update (2): after i pointed out to Tayna that i believe i have a right to refund of my return shipping costs under the Consumer Contracts Regulations they have agreed 'as a gesture of goodwill'. Just hope the replacement battery doesn't go duff!
  9. Update: replacement battery en route to me however Tayna are refusing to refund the £10.19 it cost me to return the original, equivalent to approx 12.5% of original cost and wiping out whatever my initiwl saving was. Have pointed out that this is poor customer service and a guarantee of a lost customer and awaiting response. Anyone know whether i have any statutory rights to refund of costs? About to Google it myself.
  10. Fat chance! I did see it suggested in the paper last week though.
  11. Update: bought a multimeter which shows voltage around 11.9, cold crank drops to around 9 and with engine running over 14 even with headlighta, aircon and heated screen. So alternator evidently ok and battery duff. Spoke to Tayna but i have to send battery back to them to check. Not surprising really. They can organise cheap courier collection but not sure how i'm going to pack it!
  12. Only using the standard attachments. Have now tried both the cig lighter attachment and the direct to battery clip attachment and both produced the error. Meantime used the direct to battery attachment on Skoda with no issue. As a final check have reconnected the Boxster via the cig lighter and the error has reappeared so definitely looks like a duff battery which i will take up with supplier (Tayna).
  13. Thanks. Yes, already picked that up from YouTube vids etc. Currently have charger on Skoda to see whether it's charger at fault.
  14. Update: problem persists so looks like i need a multimeter.
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