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  1. let me know how you want paying for the smoked corner chap

  2. My car needs some use!

  3. How's the gear linkage?!

  4. New discs and pads ordered... just need good weather now.

  5. Next thing to look at:  Gear linkages... getting a little bit stiff when cold.  There's a joke in there surely?!

  6. Certainly saved a few quid... total spend on parts was £220 (pump, gasket and coolant) from Eurocarparts. The pump and gasket was genuine Porsche. Porsche specialist quoted just under £600.
  7. Hello fellow Boxster owners... I have just replaced the water pump on my 2003/ 2.7 986 and thought I would post my experience to help fellow owners as there seems to be some conflicting advice online. Just some pointers for those considering doing this task. Tools required. 10mm spanner (open and closed end)Deep 10mm socketNormal 10mm socketSmall cutters (to cut gasket if not replacing thermostat)Normal lifting gear, axel stands etcSundries Light emery cloth/ paper to clean surfacesNew coolant. I used red/pink non Porsche concentrate (which supercedes the green and blue type)Advice! Replacement of the water pump do-able by the home mechanic- dont be put offYou'll need jack the car up and support to gain access to the middle of the carYou'll need to remove the inspection panel behind the seats. I'm average build and I didn't remove the seats.Drain all of the coolant you can in to a bucket for disposal (I used a washing up bowl for space saving)Replace the belt if you suspect the one you haveYou'll need to cut the new gasket to remove the thermostat bit (save for sometime later) if not using, use cuttersMake a note of which bolts go where and replace the pumpTop up with new coolant, I used an approximate 50/50 mix ishLocate the bleed valve under the radiator cap plastic panel and lift leverStart engine and bleed by running up to tempIf you get an air lock as I did, you'll need to possibly reset the temp error in thr cars memory before the gauge will work again.Go for a drive, take off the axel stands first. Good luck.
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